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    Live A Live

    BRR Samples → Live A Live

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    Submission Details

    Name: Live A Live
    Author: Fullcannon
    Collection: Compilation
    Description: Samples from Live A Live.
    Tags: accordion acoustic bass banjo bass blown bottle bounce brass section cello choir church organ claves conga cowbell cuica distortion guitar electric piano electric snare english horn epiano feast flute french horn fretless bass gong guitar harmonica harp hihat jazz guitar kick koto kotsuzumi maracas metal mute guitar noise oboe orchestral cymbal orchestral snare overdriven guitar panflute pizzicato pulse wave rock organ shamisen slap bass sleigh bell snare square wave steel drum strings synth synth brass tambourine timbale timpani tom triangle tubular bell whistle xylophone
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    Comments (1)

     K.T.B. Link
    Thanks for the archive! It's very helpful.

    There is one small problem I've noticed, however. In the folder, there's a sample called "cowbell.brr", but none of your sample SPCs appear to use it. For a few minutes there, I was worried that you had forgotten to include it at all!