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Kibeth Takes a Walk

Super Mario World Hacks → Kibeth Takes a Walk

Submission Details

Name: Kibeth Takes a Walk
Author: bsolt
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: This hack is dedicated to KibethTheWalker.
-11 Exits
-Focus on platforming
-On the easier side
-No shell tricks
Tags: exgfx kaizo music platforming
Comments: 29 (jump to comments)
4.8 (23 ratings)
No rating
Download 809.36 KiB | 1,886 downloads


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Comments (29)

xPaulx Link
this a great hack! 5/5
Gurggz Link
A shame I never commented and rated. This hack is fantastic. Everyone should play this.
PlagueofDoom Link
Really enjoyed the aesthetics of the hack. Gameplay wise It wasn't really the style of hack that I enjoy playing. A lot of the jumps to me felt kind of blind and a few levels felt very die to learn.

The "zero g" level with the all black background was probably my least favorite level, the all black background with the floating sprites was very disorienting for me for some reason.

Overall, nothing in it was overly difficult I just don't really think this was my style

troyfullbuster Link
Awesome time playing this and that first song is so good what was it? Here's my full playthrough!
TheTaze Link
Really fun! Thanks for making!
Neuromancer Link
Fun hack!
Kinkerton Link
I love this hack so far. But i wanted to let you know on the 4th level with the ropes, its possible to do the rope glitch to completely bypass the second half of the level. The last rope before the check point.
Lpoool Link
Great Kaizo!
thetwaddler Link
Great work on the hack. Had a lot of fun with it. Really wonderful aesthetics
mmBeefStew Link
Start to finish this hack is great! Visuals are on point, great music choices and REALLY fun level design. Thanks for making it 5/5
kidmoyer Link
Great job on this hack. While playing I found myself relaxing, for a kaizo that isn't easy to do. The visuals, theme, and world map were all awesome.
The climbing sections at the end were a nice touch as well.
I thought Sweet N' Sour was a great hack but this was much better. I'm really excited to see what you do next.
blackhart Link
This is such a great hack bsolt, so much fun. Fantastic work.
callmedoor Link
Well done, bsolt. This is a solid high end beginner/early intermediate hack. There are some tough sections, but nothing so frustrating that it is upsetting and the shortness of the hack overall helps a lot.

Tight platforming and good setups define this hack. Recommended.
 quietmason Link
Very fun hack, really enjoyed ideas from each level. A good number of the levels feel diverse from each other, but
in my opinion numbered platforms are used as a bit of a crutch in this hack.
I'll post a run soon!
Nicoke42 Link
There's some stuff a bit too tight or confusing but overall I enjoyed it! Great work.
SteamyPanini Link
Good times, neat hack! #smw{:TUP:}
Ziplocz Link
Had to make an account to commend you on this hack Bsolt! Really well done and sad it went under the radar, hope more people get to this soon because it was a lot of fun to play <3
bsolt Author Link
Thank you all for the kind words and I am happy you have enjoyed the hack. If you are into speed running, the leader board is up:
Mrmightymouse Link
Very Excellent hack. Came out surrounded by other hacks so it's under the radar, but I would highly recommend it, I liked everything about this hack.
Miscalc Link
All around stellar hack.
OctaviusPepper Link
Oh yeah. It's good.
PastaNoSauce Link
First, I love the theme of this hack!

Many self-described easy hacks suffer from tight setups that simply remove the spike tunnel, making figuring out the intended movement convoluted; as well as having spawn issues with plenty of irritating jank. All the while punishing players for executing fast or efficient movement.

This hack is the opposite. Well polished and play tested, the short levels are very smooth - with just the right amount of kaizo problem solving. Perfect for de-rusting, or for the casual intermediate player to enjoy in between the thrumbshredders.

A great start for 2021, thanks bsolt.
B2De Link
That was a lot of fun bsolt gg's! #smw{:TUP:}
Evil_Abed Link
Really fun hack! Highly recommend for anyone that's looking for a good platform game! =) 5/5
ScatmanJones49 Link
Great hack, highly recommend checking it out
obersteiner86 Link
I know this overworld from are game but not sure what the name is snes game to
Lush_50 Link
Very good hack, highly recommended!!
NikSik1 Link
Very fun hack. Cool ideas and good execution.
slopcore Link
An awesome hack made by an awesome person dedicated to another awesome person. GGs bsolt!