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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Styled Snow

SMW Graphics → Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Styled Snow

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Styled Snow
Author: Rykon-V73
Type: Original
Purpose: Background, Foreground, Layer 3
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: It's me, with a full original tileset in store for you.
It has 3 versions. Read Important.txt for details.

Give credit. It was an important thing to do.

Use a patch like the SMB3 Status Bar , since it has a layer 3 bg.
Tags: mountain needs remoderation patch needed snow
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
Download 74.77 KiB | 133 downloads


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Comments (4)

Rykon-V73 Author Link
Usually I do. Sometimes I forget.
 Anorakun Link
Accepted. For the future, please add the "patch needed" tag when your submission has layer 3 backgrounds, since the vanilla status bar tends to cut off layer 3. Also, don't forget to put a status bar in the description.
Rykon-V73 Author Link
It's your decision. If you want all SMW tiles, go for version 1. If you do want more YI decorations, but do need sacrifices, go for version 2.
ModernKiwi Link
Should I use version 1 or 2?
I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice any universal tiles.