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Wendy's Ten Fights

Super Mario World Hacks → Wendy's Ten Fights

Submission Details

Name: Wendy's Ten Fights
Author: Shuttles
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Simply a boss rush of ten creative Wendy fights. Each fight includes a description beforehand. Includes a lot of ASM and GFX from SMW Central and some ASM and GFX created by myself, along with a few great custom music ports by VLSkoot.

There's a fairly steep difficulty ramp near the end but very little penalty for dying.
Tags: boss rush custom asm
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
4.5 (13 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (15)

mario and luigi Link
Pretty impressive hack. A boss rush with ten unique Wendy fights. Personally, I enjoy hacks which are gimmicky in nature or are centered around one of the Koopalings. This hack nails it with both custom ASM and a primary focus on Wendy as the primary antagonist, despite this hack not really having much of a storyline.

There were some levels I did not like, and some that I did enjoy.

There were a few levels which I felt were almost impossible without savestates, particularly the first level where
Mario has to use footballs to remain airborne
. I actually had to use slowdown to get past this level. Another level in which I was forced to use slowdown was the level with
Monty Moles and quicksand
. These two levels far exceeded Hard difficulty in my opinion and feel more like Kaizo: Beginner levels.

That said, there were a few levels I enjoyed such as the second level with
Mario hiding behind the foreground
and using ON/OFF blocks to enable and disable the platform, which I found to be the easiest level in the hack; the third level with
Podoboos and horizontal bars which were controlled using Up and Down
; and the level that
took place in outer space

I noticed some weird palettes in the Layer 3 "MARIO COURSE CLEAR" text at the end of some levels, but this is a relatively minor issue that does not really detract from the gameplay that much. Also, that spotlight in the
Jump Scare
level has weird colors as it flashes, but again, this is minor.

Fun fact: In the
Jump Scare
level, I thought the game had softlocked as Wendy did not appear for almost a minute, but it turns out all I had to do was wait until Wendy was visible on the spotlight.

Overall, this is a creative hack that I think deserves a little more attention. It'd be great to see boss rush hacks done with all of the Koopalings, but considering Lemmy and Wendy are the only two bosses that don't require Mode 7 (Iggy, Morton, Ludwig, Roy, and Larry all use Mode 7), that is unlikely to happen (unless you use a custom boss).

I'd recommend this short hack to people who love custom ASM and enjoy boss rushes.

#lm{pal}#lm{pal}#lm{pal}#lm{pal}#lm{pal} stars out of 5; the sheer difficulty from those two levels I mentioned could just be me needing more practice, so I won't lower my rating because of those two levels. I still think this hack is great and it goes to show there are (almost) no limits to creativity.

Superb job on this hack. If a boss rush on Lemmy ever comes out, I'd be sure to play it! #smw{:peace:}#smw{^_^}

As Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." #ab{8-)}#ab{;)}
will___ Link
I enjoyed this a lot. Impressed by the amount of creativity and style that was packed into such a short hack. Some rooms felt kind of frustrating due to the nature of Wendy fights, but it never go too bad since most fights only took a few minutes. The control switch fight was significantly harder than all the others, but it's not as hard or unfair as it might seem at first.
Sgt.Pepper Link
Some great ideas, some horrendous ones. Levels 8 and 9 I hated. Otherwise, really cool concept.
Purple Link
I can't do custom ASM though...
Purple Link
I'll give it 5 stars (despite the fact I never played it) because:
First of all, Wendy Koopa.
Second of all, descriptions before fights.
Third of all, despite the steep difficulty ramp near the end, there' very little (almost no) penalty.
Nicoke42 Link
Loved it!!! I want more!
NaxciS Link
a very fun and relaxing hack, I thought it was amazing to be able to make an easy boss battle, it’s so hard xD, congratulations to the creators, the hack is amazing !!
muzzl Link
This was a lot of fun right up until the level where the controls keep switching back and forth. That one is miserable.
vnen Link
I really enjoyed it. Not easy but quite rewarding even if it's short. A nice boss rush with only Wendy and cool gimmicks.

Except the inverted controls one. It requires too much focus on the movement of the platforms and there's not a lot of room to hit Wendy, which most times spawn in quite unfortunate places, sometimes even behind the center platform. Also (not sure if my emulator is to blame but) the switch sound and color change happens only a bit after the controls invert, which makes it hard to time if you're trying to adjust the movement to land on the moving platforms.

Still, quite a fun hack. I recommend trying it out.
 1UPdudes Link
I can't believe how much creativity and charm can be found within such a short hack that most seasoned players can beat in just over 10 minutes.
I don't want to spoil anything as each gimmick presented feels interesting and different from the last. If your wanting to play a different type of SMW Hack that won't take too long to beat then I fully recommend you play this.

One of the most refreshing SMW Hacks I've ever played. #smrpg{y}
 Linkdeadx2 Link
cool hack
MercuryPenny Link
neat hack! i'd say this is standard: very hard, personally, but this is a really cool and creative boss rush.

there are really only two i take issue with - the first is the space battle. i was able to beat it on my first (real) try with no trouble. even compared to some of the other "easier" bosses this one struck me as out-of-place. maybe i just got super lucky, but it felt really easy.

the second is the control reversal one. i ended up having to break out the savestates and slowdown. there's no room for error, and both wendy and the dolls spawn in inconvenient locations consistently, including behind the center pillar. between that and the inherently frustrating gimmick for the fight, it's pretty unbearable. i think doing the same thing you did with the "mud rise" stage and making some of the spawn locations off-limits (behind the pillar and the corners mostly) would do wonders to make it a lot less painful.

that said, this was a fun time! getting used to each fight's mechanics felt pretty rewarding,
and the fake-out credits were a solid gag
. 4/5
Erik_The_Swift Link
This was a really fun and creative hack, I especially loved the Wendy boss fight. 10/10
placeholdertest Link
VLSkoot Link
proud to have been able to do anything for this game. its fun and addicting. a short and sweet romp through a fun variety of wendy fun.