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Kuso Ecstasy

Super Mario World Hacks → Kuso Ecstasy

Submission Details

Name: Kuso Ecstasy
Author: NewPointless
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 65 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard, Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: ~Disclaimer~

I'm the only one to blame for any design choices. There are trolls.

~Pretentious Nonsense~

This hack is all about diving into the disassembly and memory map to create unique gimmicks. Every level is a single room that has vanilla mechanics except for one outrageous thing. It's meant to be fun and mischievous, but at times mind-bending and unforgiving. This old school style of hacking draws a lot conceptually from Game Genie codes and emulator cheats. It's inspired by joke hacks, kuso, and old Japanese hacks alike.

~Critical Reviews~

"I hate everything you've done. Boy, do I like this hack!" -patcdr

"Ldad will love this hack." -MassPunishment

"It's as if Nintendo themselves made this." -Kezcade

"I don't know if this is brilliant or terrifying or both." -Darkanine
Tags: asm gimmick joke music vanilla
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5.0 (6 ratings)
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Comments (10)

foxsouns Link
im not very good at kaizo but this was pretty fun. 5/5 #smrpg{cool}
NewPointless Author Link
Hey everyone, the new difficulty ratings are live. The difficulty now reflects my original intentions. This is a hack with kaizo levels but features non-kaizo design prominently.

The intermediate and very hard difficulties may scare people away, and rightfully so. This hack can be extremely unforgiving. However, this is the hardest difficulty represented for each design style. The hack has an open overworld, and the difficulty of every level is not represented.

Happy kusoing!
faloppa Link
Gotta say that this is one of my favorite hacks, thank you NewPointless!
TheBourgyman Link
Had tons of fun with this hack. I like how it doesn't take itself seriously, yet presents the player with some fun and worthy challenges, always in a clear way; it never leaves the player second guessing. I wish the length of levels was more uniform all throughout the hack; some of those levels felt too short, others overstayed their welcome. I know it is presented as a joke hack, yet it was a lot less trolly then I expected after reading the description. A lot of the gimmicks made me laugh, some had me worry about the integrity of my controller ("Frame perfect") and others felt outright scandalous ("Mario can't kaizo") "Painbow shell" was also borderline irritating, but as one of the last levels, I think the difficulty was justified.

Good job NP!
inuyasha- Link
buen Kaizo#smrpg{y}
idealiter Link
This is fun. #tb{:]}
slopcore Link
Zany, wacky, silly, original, innovative, stupid, often bull****, and some of the most fun I've ever had playing SMW. Very nice job, New Pointless.
le4che Link
4 exits off :(
Holy Shinx Link
wow, one of the best hacks I've played in 2021
 mason Link
Oh boy