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4 YUMPs For Yoshi

Super Mario World Hacks → 4 YUMPs For Yoshi

Submission Details

Name: 4 YUMPs For Yoshi
Author: AmazingChest
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Ever since his best friend Yoshi disappeared, Mario has had visions of a mysterious switch and one recurring thought: "Four YUMPs". Not knowing what it all means, but feeling it has something to do with Yoshi's troubling absence, Mario sets off on a quest to perfectly jump off of four Palace Switches in hopes of finding answers and maybe even his lost friend.

"4 YUMPs For Yoshi" is a kaizo-light hack that features:
- Game mode select: choose between "STANDARD" and "YUMPS ONLY" mode (see changelog for details)
- 4 fast-paced levels aimed at intermediate kaizo players
- Non-linear gameplay. Play any level from the start!
- Frequent checkpoints
- A variety of fun* chocolate mechanics
- Many QoL features such as: autosave, fast retry, start+select to exit any level
- A bangin'** custom soundtrack
- A story (if you care about that sort of thing)
- An absurd but optional challenge that I don't really mind if you save-state to beat!

*Fun is subjective and also not guaranteed
**Bangin' is not subjective and is definitely guaranteed

This hack was started less than two weeks ago as an entry for Global Game Jam 2021 with the theme "Lost and Found". I finished mostly everything except the final level over the course of 5 days, then spent the last week completing the hack and polishing everything to smwc's and my own standards. I hope you enjoy it!


- Adjusted a setup in Bloody Palace to be less confusing and to prevent cheese
- Adjusted a setup in Cursed Palace to make an alternate strat easier
- Prevented greenbean skip. Greenbeans need love too
- Made secret greenbean less secret (no one found it)
- Put a leash on an urchin
- Added cheat detection for saving Yoshi. Yes, really

- Added game mode select: "STANDARD" mode plays the same as v1.0, but in "YUMPS ONLY" mode you are required to YUMP off of each palace switch in order to clear the level. Thanks to wiiqwertyuiop for the asm to make this possible
- Adjusted beginning of Starlight Palace
- Adjusted some indicators
- Improved switch room aesthetics in each level
- Shortened Flooded Palace switch room
- Fixed minor graphical glitch on the overworld when entering levels
- Removed counterbreak because why not
- Added version number to title screen
- Other minor tweaks

- Initial release
Tags: asm gimmick hdma music story
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Comments (2)

AmazingChest Author From older version: 4 YUMPs For Yoshi Link
Originally posted by Yagami
great hack dude i was played 1.0 and i get a lot of trouble in second section in spring level.
overall very fun hack good job #w{=)}

Thanks! The cursed palace seems to be the level where I've seen most people get into trouble because they find a strat that I never did myself and it ends up making things much harder for them than I intended. Like they might bounce on a spring a different number of times than I do which affects the spawning of the next setup in a way I didn't anticipate, or they might not understand what they need to do with a particular obstacle to make it work consistently. That's not the fault of the player of course, that's the fault of the level design and it's hard to find those faults when you don't have playtesters.

I didn't see your playthrough, but I did see katun24 struggle with the greenbean after the flying hammer bros platform in the second half because he found a way to skip it and land directly on the spring, but because that strat required two bounces on the spring before getting over the wall it changed the way everything lined up in the last part so it became a lot more awkward and tight. The intent was to do a low bounce from the right side of the greenbean onto the spring and then go over the wall in a single bounce, but clearly that wasn't intuitive enough.

My design philosophy is to try and avoid setups that require a lot of indication, and no indication is preferred if I can help it. I feel that the level design itself should be readable and tell the player what to do and that needing indicators at all can be a sign of problematic design. But in this case the level design did not force my intended strats well enough and people got themselves into trouble because of it.

Thankfully no one that I watched got stuck there for too long, and the level was supposed to be kind of messed up and gross anyway, hence the name, so it did serve its purpose. I hoped that even if the gameplay was kind of frustrating people would at least find the stupid greenbeans on lines funny, which they definitely did.

I hope by the end of the game you were having fun again though. I really like the final level and hoped it would end the hack on a high note. Thanks again for playing!
Yagami From older version: 4 YUMPs For Yoshi Link
great hack dude i was played 1.0 and i get a lot of trouble in second section in spring level.
overall very fun hack good job #w{=)}