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Mickey Mania - Lonesome Ghosts (Basement)

SMW Graphics → Mickey Mania - Lonesome Ghosts (Basement)

Submission Details

Name: Mickey Mania - Lonesome Ghosts (Basement)
Author: Mippish
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Foreground
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: Been a while since I ripped and released a rip.

The red line separates the two pages.

TIP: xB1, xE3, xE4, xF3, and xF4 (where x is the page number of your choice) should be inserted as
teleport blocks via Blocktool.

NOTE: This can be inserted via 1.90 or higher only.

No credit needed.
Tags: mechanical needs remoderation
Comments: 1 (jump to comments)
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Comments (1)

 Anorakun Link
Unfortunately, I have zero interest in redoing the sample level of this rip. As it stands out, the current sample level is extremely barebones and there's A LOT of objects in the map 16 that are not included in it, which means that i would need to study the original game to even remoderate this graphic properly. It's a lot of headache for no good reason. For the time being, I'll ignore this graphic and move on to something else. It's baffling to me that this was accepted at this current state, but oh well... Technically, it is well optimized.

Anyone (or a Graphic Mod) is welcome to clean this messy rip.

It only needs a proper complete sample level and a palmask. I just lack the patience to deal with this.