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Super Mario 64: XXL

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Super Mario 64: XXL

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario 64: XXL
Author: Blakeoramo
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 120 star(s)
Description: Super Mario 64: XXL is a gameplay alteration of SM64, heavily inspired by Sonic 2 XL. Mario has a fitness meter, which slowly improves if you avoid chocolate coins, but drops very quickly if you do eat them, which will lead you to a very fast demise. The game also features a custom pause menu made from scratch, works on console, and has bonus extras.

Toggle-able Fitness Meter with the Press of the L Trigger!
*Dynamic weight gain/loss system that'll scale Mario appropriately and alter his physics accordingly
*Brand new pause menu to accommodate for the extra features
*Cheats, such as LSD and DK Mode
*Widescreen toggle for those on N64 or 3DS!
*Console Compatibility, no expansion pak required!
*Some minor tweaks like red coins not counting as coins, endcake that brings you back to the splash screen, etc

Made with SM64 Decompilation Project.
Video Link: Link
Tags: asm cheat custom menu decomp dk mode extra extra extra large fat fat mario funny large mario rareware sm64 sm64 xxl sm64xxl sonic 2 xl super super mario super mario 64 trippy wide xtra xtra xtra xtra xtra large xxl
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