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Sonic Shields

UberASM Repository → Sonic Shields

Submission Details

Name: Sonic Shields
Author: Burning Loaf
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: Yes
Featured: No
Description: The shields from Sonic the hedgehog in SMW, this UberASM has custom blocks and a patch alongside with it that is required for it to work, but you could also instead use the "Sonic Styled Powerdown" patch.

If you haven't played Sonic, these shields can absorb a hit (or more) for the player, and certain shields have helpful abilities.

They do not take sprite slots, only OAM slots, they do take SP1-4 GFX space though (at least one 16x16 tile)
Also, you *need* to insert this as levelASM, otherwise the shields won't display.

make sure you check out the README.
Tags: patch powerup sa-1 shield sonic
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Comments (6)

AuraDee Link
Tested with Asar 1.81, bsnes v115, GPS V1.4.21, Lunar Magic 3.30, SA-1 1.40, UberASM Tool 1.4.

I would suggest maybe detailing each of the base shields' abilities in the readme for those who might not be interested enough to look through or customize shieldAbilities.asm. An all-in-one customizable shield block template would also be handy for those who want a user-friendly way to set a value for the shield ID through defines.

Regardless, this is a nice implementation of this mechanic!
Black Goku Link
Originally posted by Vash the fairytail
When used with the LX5 Custom Powerup, the ROM seems to crash the moment it touches an enemy.

This is because lx5 custom powerups use a hijack for the powerdown, if you remove the hijack from the lx5 powerups, probably works.
Vash the fairytail Link
When used with the LX5 Custom Powerup, the ROM seems to crash the moment it touches an enemy.
Burning Loaf Author Link
Originally posted by Vash the fairytail
Does this package contain graphics?

for now? no. so you're better off using exanimation on a sprite tile. but if this ever gets updated, i will probably include dynamic sprites.
Vash the fairytail Link
Does this package contain graphics?
Apple Boy Link
Dang. If my hack didn't have RATs, I'd be using this SO much!