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Super Mario World 2021 (PT-BR) + (USA)

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario World 2021 (PT-BR) + (USA)

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World 2021 (PT-BR) + (USA)
Author: edu_dyck
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 92 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Nessa aventura do Mario, a Princesa é capturada por Bowser (mais uma vez) para algum lugar desconhecido. A missão de Mario é descobrir alguma pista de onde Peach está.

In this Mario adventure, the Princess is captured by Bowser (again) to some unknown place. Mario's mission is to find some clue to find Peach.
Tags: 2021 brasil brazil english mario super world
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Comments (17)

Como consigo as musicas
edu_dyck Author Link
If anyone knows how to solve the graphics problems on the map, please message me.
crocodileman94 Link
A flaw/oversight I found that hasn't been mentioned by NatsuFireball and SomeGuy712x is that in Secret Area 3, the green switch blocks are solid even if you haven't pressed the green switch yet.

Despite the many flaws though, it was a good hack overall.
Leandroscalabrini1994 Link
Hamilton64 Link
Essa hack está ruim por causa dos bugs de overworld.
mario6385 Link
mario6385 Link
edwinmusic Link
is very very awesome! great graphics. desings and soundtrack! congratulations
Mitsukara Link
I'm four worlds in, and I love this hack- the different powerups are awesome, and the stage design is fun and a good Normal balance.

However, the scrambled map path graphics are a minor flaw, as others have mentioned.

I hope this stays up on SMWCentral because it's still playable and a ton of fun, although it would be neat if it could be updated to fix the map graphics issue.

Otherwise it's fantastic, thank you for making this!
eujulio93 Link
ótima hack, efeitos sonoros e fases excelente!! queria deixar uma observaçãO: no último castelo quando perco um dos poderes, o poder reserva simplesmente some, ou seja fico zerado e sem cogumelo ou outro poder reserva, dito isso continue assim 10/10.#smrpg{y}
NatsuFireball Link
What a wonderful long hack ! Levels and overworld are very polished, I love the style given to them, so as the DKC3 music =]

There are very nice additions too, for instance one new custom power-up per world (all wonderfully integrated, must have been some hard work !) :
- frog suit (W1)
- hammer suit (W2)
- koopa suit (W3)
- flutter boots (W4)
- boomerang flower (W5)
- ice flower (W6)
- bubble flower (W7)
- and the dangerous poison mushroom (W8)
- mushroom propeller (Star W)

You can also obtain powerful power-ups directly as small Mario, throw fireballs upwards, forming a curve, when maintaining the up button. Some trees in W6 are climbeable like wines, it's fun =]

However some of the abilities brought up by the new power-ups (mainly propeller, boots and koopa) are overpowered by the cape, making these new power-ups sometimes useless, which is a bit a shame. Maybe removing the cape could bring their full potential back ?

A few further remarks :
- some levels miss Dragon Coins (containing only 3 or 4 out of 5)
- sometimes enemies just disappear, especially if you go fast through a level
- quite often the paths drawn on the OW after beating a level appear glitched and the game must be restarted in order to appear correctly
- in the last level, Bowser Tower, the reserve item disappears when you get hit. The sound of it falling can be heard but it isn't there
- the level after "Rocky World 4" is also named "Rocky World 4" instead of "Rocky World 5" (and accordingly for the following level)
- the level "Tropical Valley 5" is misspelled "Tropical Valleyl 5"
- in that same level, you put a message box together with layer 3 water : hitting the message box will make the water disappear and then make the level unbeatable without blue Yoshi
- the star warp in W5 lacks the "Gold Island" title on the OW
- the star warp in W6 is misspelled "Tropical Valley" instead of "Gold Island"

I can only get 91 exits in total, does the 92th was intended to be Bowser's Tower, which doesn't save when beaten ?

10/10 (5 stars) This is an awesome work, I really enjoyed playing every minute of this game ! Thank you very much =]
Xboy1282 Link
This is cool but what the heck is this
SomeGuy712x Link
(July 10, 2021: I've finished playing through the hack now, so I think I won't be making any further updates to this post.)

Alright, so I've discovered a huge number of issues about this hack. Many are minor things (mostly with Yoshi coin shortages or harmless graphical glitches), some are more serious (like level design oversights that can allow the player to get stuck), and I think most of these things should be easily fixable.

---Yoshi coin shortages:

Bush Island 2 has only 4 Yoshi coins (despite containing a message box explaining that you get an extra life for collecting 5 in a level).

Iggy's Castle has only 4 Yoshi coins, and due to an Item Memory Index overlap (which I discovered by double-checking the level in Lunar Magic), one of them might not even show up because of a coin collected in the same X position in a previous room, so it's possible to only encounter 3 Yoshi coins while playing through the level.

# Ghost House 2 has only 4 Yoshi coins.
Desert Island 2 has only 4 Yoshi coins.
Green Island 4 has only 4 Yoshi coins.
Desert Island 3 has only 3 Yoshi coins.
Echo Caves 5 has only 4 Yoshi coins.
Lemmy's Castle has only 4 Yoshi coins.
Rocky World 1 has only 4 Yoshi coins.
Shipwreck has only 4 Yoshi coins.

Autumn Woods 4 has 5 Yoshi coins, but the 2nd one is above the top of the screen, and is easily missable as a result. You may want to move it down a tile so that it's in view.

Ghost House 5 has 5 Yoshi coins, but the average player will likely only see 4 of them. In the second room, there's a trio of coins within a Boo Circle. If the middle coin is collected, the Yoshi coin in the next room will not appear, since they are in the same X position, and the Item Memory Index value for both rooms is 0. To fix this, just change the Item Memory Index for either room to a different number.

Roy's Castle also has 5 Yoshi coins, but once again, there's an Item Memory Index overlap. In the first room, there's a row of four coins shortly after an L-shaped overhang. The third coin in that row is in the same X position as a Yoshi coin in the next room, and once again, both rooms share the same Item Memory Index of 0, so collecting that coin in the first room will prevent that Yoshi coin from appearing in the second room. Changing the second room's Item Memory Index to 1 will fix this.

Frozen Valley 3 has 5 Yoshi coins, but the one in the pipe room in the second half will not appear if the player collects the very first normal coin in the level, because yet again, it's an Item Memory Index overlap, and those coins share the same X position. So, once again, change the sublevel's Item Memory Index to another value to fix it.

Tropical Valley 1 has only 1 Yoshi coin.

---Other issues:

In RED Switch Palace's message box, the word "than" should be "then".

In Echo Caves 3, it is very possible for a player to get trapped in the small room where the final Yoshi coin is, if they let the turn block stop spinning while inside there. I'd recommend making the top of that room a semi-solid platform (like maybe a rope) so that the player can jump up through it after getting the Yoshi coin, and not have to worry about being trapped.

In Rocky World 2, the "4" platform just after the second Yoshi coin is actually two such platforms overlapping. As a result, the player will slide to the right while riding it.

After clearing Rocky World 4, the next level is... Rocky World 4. And then the level following that is Rocky World 5. So, the name "Rocky World 4" occurs twice in a row. The second one's name should be changed to "Rocky World 5", and the level after that should be called "Rocky World 6".

In the first room of Roy's Castle, Magikoopa's magic works on the walls, ceiling, and floor, transforming tiles of them into Koopas and stuff. This creates cutoff where square notches appear in those objects. In addition, Magikoopa can spawn within the walls and ceiling too. Is this Magikoopa sprite a special modified one or something?

In Wendy's Castle, if you bring an Ice Flower into the boss fight, you can freeze the diagonal Podoboos in the room. That alone would be fine. However, the resulting ice blocks can be used to clobber Wendy or her dummies, and if you KO Wendy in this way, the battle doesn't properly end, and you're stuck with nothing to do but wait for the timer to run out (or load a savestate).

After clearing Tropical Valley 1, the next level is Tropical Secret. The normal exit from there leads to Tropical Valley 3, and that level's normal exit leads to Tropical Valley 2 to the north. Clearing that level leads to the Star World, while the secret exit from Tropical Valley 3 leads south to Tropical Valley 4. So, Tropical Secret and Tropical Valley 2 should have their names swapped, and I think the normal and secret exit paths from Tropical Valley 3 should also be swapped.

Also, in Tropical Valley 3's secret exit path, there will be a few rooms with 3 door choices. If the player enters door 3, then 2, then 3... they'll end up in a sublevel of Shipwreck, because the rightmost door in the 3rd door is set as a standard exit to level 2C, instead of secondary exit 2C like the other incorrect doors are. So, that screen exit should be properly set to secondary exit 2C as well.

In Tropical Valley 4, the first Parakoopa is actually 2 overlapping Parakoopas. Also, the second ? block in the pair at the start makes an "item emerging" sound, but no item appears. What is that ? block supposed to contain?

In the second part of Tropical Valley 4, after ascending the first waterfall, the player can easily jump off-screen and fall into the ceiling landmasses to the left or right, where they'll be stuck if they don't have a power up that allows them to escape. There should be a ceiling added to that part to prevent this from being possible.

The level name "Tropical Valleyl 5" has an obvious typo, where "Valleyl" should be "Valley". Also, the level uses layer 3 water, and there is a message box at the very start of the level, which is a major problem. Hitting the message box removes the layer 3 water, which makes parts of the level later on nearly impossible. In order to avoid this issue, there should be a separate sublevel without layer 3 water with that message box explaining the level's gimmick.

It's possible to walk to the left from Gold Island 7 on the map without completing that level's normal exit first.

In Secret Area 7, opening multiple ? blocks at once can result in glitched graphics on the power ups.

In any vertical level, if you release your reserve item (either by pressing Select or taking damage), the item will just vanish unless you're at the topmost screen of the area. And, even if you are, if the item descends about one screen down, it will simply disappear anyway. I have no idea why this is happening, but could it be a weird side effect regarding the extra power ups used in the hack? But even then, it affects normal power ups like the Cape Feather as well. (This can be particularly annoying if you take damage during the vertical areas of Bowser's Tower.)

During boss fights, the reserve item will show as an X, but it can still be released normally, and works just fine.

If you bring an Ice Flower into the final Bowser battle, you can freeze his Mechakoopas and use them as weapons that way, but the resulting ice blocks will contain coins with glitched graphics.

---Corrupted overworld paths:

When I completed Strange Waters at the beginning of world 2, the paths revealed on the overworld were all corrupted. This happened for both exits. They can still be traversed, but look like puke. Here's a screenshot:

In addition, it seems that any further overworld paths that get revealed also become garbage. Did you accidentally leave the title demo recording ASM enabled, by any chance?
(Looks like that happened to Xboy1282 as well, but much earlier in the game then where it first happened to me.)
JulianoFdeS Link
92 níveis? Consegui ir até 91! Já encontrei as duas saídas dos níveis vermelhos e das casas assombradas com hashtag(#) no nome e derrotei o Bowser, mesmo assim, continua 91... você esqueceu de por hashtag(#) em alguma casa assombrada? Algum nível tem mais do que duas saídas?
inuyasha- Link
buen hack
eujulio93 Link
hack muito bonita e imagem lisa! ainda não terminei mas tá bem divertida #smrpg{y}
Gammed Z Link
Cara eu vou falar em portugues mesmo
Tua hack tem muitos poblemas
Tipo o bug no mapa que e bem facil de consertar esse poblema sem resetar o jogo


Tua hack tem potencial por isso a morganah (adm da mario hacks) quer te ver la no grupo do discord