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Invisible "Warp Hole" Block

SMW Blocks → Invisible "Warp Hole" Block

Submission Details

Name: Invisible "Warp Hole" Block
Author: JamesD28
Act As: 025
Includes GFX: No
Description: This is a block version of the Invisible Warp Hole (sprite 8E), with some extra features. When touched, Mario will instantly be warped a distance relative to the block. You can customize the warp distance, direction, whether it zeroes Mario's X speed, and an option to make it warp only once. You can also choose to make it warp sprites too!

Note: Like the sprite, this block is prone to causing tile glitches if the camera scrolls too far.

Requested by SusGodGaming.
Tags: hole lorom sa-1 warp
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Comments (4)

 Kevin Link
Tested with: Lunar Magic 3.21, GPS 1.4.21, SA-1 1.32, Snes9x 1.60. Works well, so accepted.
As the description mentions, if the block is set to teleport Mario too far away, the camera will scroll too fast resulting in some glitched tile appearing (they work as normal, just they'll look glitched). So if you want to use this with high distances, it's best to do so if the camera doesn't scroll horizontally. This issue doesn't happen with sprites, of course. I can see this being useful for some setups where you have to throw a sprite at it to make it go other places, or if you use the left direction option you can have, for example, a shell that perpetually moves to the right and then it's teleported back before the block. Also if you don't set the zerospeed define you can easily build P-Speed by keeping to run towards the block (assuming the teleport goes in the opposite direction).
DasFueller Link
Could you make it warp up/down?
HammerBrother Link
Perhaps, this patch and set !Setting_CenterScroll_GradualScroll to 1 prevents the tile glitches by making the camera scroll to the player as individual steps across multiple frames.

Reason why this happens is that the camera is too fast and it can only load a single column of 16x16 blocks per frame, and by making the camera scroll at such distance in one frame, would need to load 2+ columns and cause issues.
SusGodGaming Link
Beautiful, thanks for picking this up.