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SMW Coin Chaos

Super Mario World Hacks → SMW Coin Chaos

Submission Details

Name: SMW Coin Chaos
Author: JP32
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: In this hack your objective is to collect 99 coins in each level. Each level has its own gimmick, such as automatically walking forward, everything being frozen and Mario having infinite fire-flower but limited ammo, a literal metroidvania level, medium auto-scroller with infinite winged Yoshi and an Warioware rip-off.

This new version adds five more levels, one level 90% remade with new gimmick, and lots of improvements to old levels. And it finally has an name too!

Version 1.4 changes:
Many improvements and changes, see readme for full list.
Tags: asm exploration gimmicks health music vanilla variety
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
5.0 (1 rating)
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Comments (15)

Cote de Boeuf Link
I don't play SMW romhacks especially often, so progress on this one has been slow. Nevertheless, this hack is always a treat when I do find myself playing it.
"Gimmick" is often a dirty word in video game criticism because gimmicks frequently conflict with core mechanics and established traditions. While it would be hard to call this hack anything other than "gimmicky", this hack's most remarkable quality is that evades this pitfall. At all times I feel as if I'm playing the same game I played and replayed endlessly in my youth, but new mechanics both keep the experience fresh and facilitate more interesting and nuanced forms of fun. This is exactly what an SMW romhack should do: it should exploit the tried-and-true mechanics of one of gaming's most beloved titles while expanding their possibilities beyond the confines of decades past.
Highly recommended, 5/5.
JP32 Author Link
1. Thank you
2. It's harder than your typical SMW level as its denser(less flat, wide areas with nothing on them), but I don't think it's that hard, especially with the HP system.
3. They are just extra challenge/stuff to collect, they don't unlock anything. I couldn't think of anything meaningful to add, other than some extra level but at the end of making this I was tired of it, so I set myself an achievable goal and not bloat it.
4. the game auto-saves when you step on a tile on overworld, so if you exit the level and don't move then the game is not saved, that's how the "Overworld Indicators" patch sets it up.
Cote de Boeuf Link
I haven't completed this hack yet, but a few things:
1) I like it. I like it a lot.
2) It's definitely on the harder end of Standard: Normal. The first level (Traditional) seems to present itself as a romp but it can be easy to die if you don't exercise caution. I suspect that it was not intended to be as difficult as it was since I found the levels immediately after it to be easier.
3) I don't know if the moons and dragon coins unlock anything, but if they don't, they should.
4) The game only seems to save after the player completes a 100 coin mission in a level for the first time. I had to do the dragon coin mission in "Climb" twice because of this.
Samuroy Link
Well, it is a great hack. Thank you
JP32 Author Link
Its by pulsar, download link doesn't seem to work anymore but heres mirror:

No idea about the crashing issue, it never crashed on me when testing on snes9x and real hardware with super everdrive, and neither for patcdr who tested it on his snes and sd2snes flashcard. But the patch I used for it is abandoned alpha so there isn't much I can do about it, I did put request for better/modern version of it but so far nothing #ab{:(} .
Samuroy Link
Also if you don't mind me asking, Where could I get the music you used in the timed level?
Samuroy Link
Hey, This was a Great hack! My viewers really liked it. Looking forward to Stuff you make in the future.

P.S. I did have some crashing on some of the running on walls and ceiling levels whenever I did a full loop just fyi.
eltiolavara9 From older version: Unnamed hack about collectin' coins Link
really cool hack! btw what's the thing you used for the smooth camera
ILLUSIVV From older version: Unnamed hack about collectin' coins Link
interesting idea for a hack!
ILLUSIVV From older version: Unnamed hack about collectin' coins Link
interesting idea for a hack!
KAIKE TAILS From older version: Unnamed hack about collectin' coins Link
like the game #smw{^_^}#smw{:peace:}#smw{:TUP:}#smw{:TUP:}#smw{:TUP:}
Y_Floky From older version: Unnamed hack about collectin' coins Link
NatsuFireball From older version: Unnamed hack about collectin' coins Link
What a refreshing hack ! I love the new gameplay and the idea of collecting 100 coins for finishing the level.
Each level's gimmick is unique and very inventive, some levels will take you a lot of thinking and time to 100% =]

Graphics are really pleasant, with wonderful palettes used.
This hack is the perfect dream for completionists : the overworld's HUD indicates each level's completion status of :
-coins (whether or not you found 100 and thus finished the level)
-Dragon Coins
-moon, all saved in SRAM with auto-save.

I just have some remarks to do :

- The game uses life gauge instead of classical power up system, which is great. But, when you lose a life, you directly game over, so have to go through the whole game over sequence and continue/quit prompt, which is a bit annoying. I think this could just be removed, as the game auto-saves and you have infinite lives ?
- The Castlevania level suffers huge lagging, maybe due to the progressing screen system ?
- You cannot exit a level with start+select once you completed it, forcing you to die or to collect all coins again, a bit annoying too.
- In the credits level, the moon's completion's status does not systematically save. I had to collect the moon and complete the level 3 times in a row to finally see the moon lit up in the overworld's HUD. In that level too the troll muncher is funny, but why has it to make the game freeze ?

Overall this is a very great hack, inventive and beautiful, I took great pleasure playing it. I hope there will be a sequel soon =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you JP32 and all the people listed in the very inventive Credits level for these amazing ASM hacks =]

jhonny From older version: Unnamed hack about collectin' coins Link
Hack muito boa gostei muito dessa proposta.
 1UPdudes From older version: Unnamed hack about collectin' coins Link
These 10 Levels will keep busy for a good amount of time.
Each level has a new twist and I enjoyed 99% of them.

(my bad yoshi flying skills are my own fault...)

As you aim to get all the required coins in a level you'll encounter some really creative designs and puzzles.
Honestly this hack felt like a much needed breath of fresh air when it comes to playing SMW Hacks.

I recommend this to everyone who fancies a challenge and a fun time. #smrpg{y}