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SMW Graphics → Biddybud

Submission Details

Name: Biddybud
Authors: Kazzoo, TheOrangeToad
Version History: View
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Sprite
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: The Biddybud enemies have been updated and reripped to include the palette version replacing the small koopa sprites and the non-palette version replacing the Goomba.

Original graphics by Kazzoo on MFGG:
Tags: goomba koopa needs remoderation
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
Download 5.82 KiB | 50 downloads


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Comments (5)

SuperMario198 From older version: Biddybud Link
Okay we don't need to PM you if we use your Buddybud sprites I know your proud that they got accepted but we don't need PM you if we use it. Also don't mark it Original if you're ripping original sprites from other websites.
TheOrangeToad Author From older version: Biddybud Link
If anyway use my graphics in your hack pm me.
Chillah From older version: Biddybud Link
Toad64, I have to say. I'm really impressed with your skill of going on to a different site and entirely copying the graphics. You've done really well this time! I have to say, they look so original and DrTapeworm really didn't make a mistake accepting this! Nice job, toad64!
Yeah, at least don't mark it Original when you take graphics from someone else, and claim yourself as the author.
TheOrangeToad Author From older version: Biddybud Link
Thank You for accept My Biddybud Submission Dr. Tapeworm #thp{:>}