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El Dorado

Super Mario World Hacks → El Dorado

Submission Details

Name: El Dorado
Author: mmBeefStew
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: El Dorado intended to be fun and fair while still being challenging. The hack features 11 levels with a unique visual style and focus on being around 30-45 seconds per section before getting a midway or beating the level. Trolls in the game are light hearted and used sparingly.

This hack features:
- Soundtrack with nine new ports that I've done myself, including two original songs I wrote.
- No boss fights.
- No secret exits, all secrets are shoutouts to some of the streamers I enjoy watching or memes.
- Some chocolate in the form of custom blocks, custom sprites and some level specific gimmicks.
- Quality of life patches such as frame rule, spin throw direction, dtothefourth's retry system featured in Mostly Harmless and more.

Shoutouts to Wakana for making the awesome music porting tutorial on this site, I would not have been able to learn to port without that!

I really hope you enjoy the hack and good luck!


-Adjusted volume on various songs
-Nerfed a section to make it more accessible for worn in dpads
-Changed indication slightly in multiple sections
-Fixed multiple graphical issues
Tags: asm exgfx music no boss
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5.0 (18 ratings)
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Comments (38)

Fun hack. Some tricks did feel out of place compared to the rest of the tricks the level was in, like the first trick if the second level, but overall this was a great experience. All the levels were great to play through. Highly recommend.
bonjoursauce Link
El Dorado is a must play. It's a banger of a hack from start to finish. It's canonical. It's extremely well thought out. And it probably has the best soundtrack of any hack I've ever played. I waited far too long before playing it. 5/5
ChrisHamulak Link
Man this hack is so incredible, the level "Silhouette Summit" is perfect. The level design, the aesthetics and the music. I literally played feeling chills because it reminds me of my childhood, thanks a lot bro for this gift #smw{<3}
riobaldo Link
Really well made, and really fun.
revolug Link
incredible. a must-play among the ranks of akogare, invictus, and comfort zone
BoozeWash Link
What an absolute joy of a hack. Visuals and music are all on point, highly recommend. Definitely one of my favorite hacks.
Wumppuswoo Link
Is there a chance that you'll be releasing the soundtrack for El Dorado? The Quillshroom's Horror port was an absolute banger and I hope that maybe we could use it in a ROM hack of our own.
BillyGenus Link
Unbelievably good, seriously this is the perfect length and difficulty to be optimally fun. On top of that, the aesthetics are top-notch and the custom ports and compositions are insanely well-done. I'm pretty new to Kaizo but this is my favorite hack so far. I brought my snes home for thanksgiving break and literally played this over and over.
will___ Link
Fantastic hack. Each level feels incredibly polished in terms of both visuals and level design. I love the emphasis on fluid platforming, rather than performing discrete "tricks" that everyone has already done before.

Level 2 felt like a bit of a difficulty spike, but it should be manageable for anyone who was able to get through level 1. My favorite levels were the poison mushroom level, the sunset level, and admiral snackbar.

This is a great hack to get your feet wet with intermediate kaizo. There's no jank, minimal trolls, and you can save your midways - making it a very player-friendly experience.
JezJitzu Link
Super creative aesthetics and setups. Music slapped and everything flowed so nicely and surprisingly easy to read.

Second half of Admiral Snackbar easily become one of my favourite levels of all time.

Highly recommended, short, sweet and challenging.
Fryinb Link
What a great hack, from aesthetics to the smoothness of every level. Set ups are super clean and easy to read, sections are a good length never feeling like you over stayed your welcome in any level! Highly recommend this hack if you haven't given it a go! Can't wait for more of your creations!
Mithrillionaire Link
Very fun and polished hack! Really fast-paced, varied platforming with some cool and clever setups. Great overall aesthetics, fun secrets and even custom ports.

A couple of tricks seemed to stand out in difficulty compared to the rest of the hack, especially the opening of level 2, and a couple of tricky bits with the teleport orb. Nothing too harsh though.

Admiral Snackbar in particular was both really cool and fun to play. Definitely my pick for best stage in the game and one of my favorite levels in any hack I've played. Just outstanding work overall.
ScatmanJones49 Link
Great hack, aestics are great the and the home brewed ports are nice.

Gameplay was great but fell a bit flat in a few spots still overall I loved it.

5/5 would certainly recommend
ZX497 Link
Very cool hack. Lots of neat tricks and nice visuals. Some setups felt a bit needlessly tight and/or janky, but all in all extremely well made.
Wolfguy423 Link
love the hack, great job homie! Dang good Aesthetics and level design! didn't care for a few tricks but that's kaizo for ya 5/5 #smw{<3}
PlagueofDoom Link
One of my favorite hacks that I've played recently. Loved all the level aesthetics and and extra points for The Messenger port


This has become one of my all time favorite hacks, I keep replaying through it. The one negative thing I would say about it is that the Teleport Orb level feels out of place to me with the rest of the levels. I genuinely love all the levels except this one, I dread it every play through.

Can't wait to see what you create next
Tiroler Link
Excellent hack. The setups were intuitive and it felt very polished. The music choices were solid and fit the levels. Very enjoyable hack - highly recommend.
Davebave Link
Fantastic Hack! 5 Stars
TheTaze Link
I don't know how you made it so fun, even for people not yet at this skill level! I have to grind the levels a decent bit, but they don't get boring/repetitive and the music is amazing. I even enjoy re-playing/beating the previous levels again while learning/practicing the next ones. Really well done!
SJandCharlieTheCat Link
This is a stunning debut from MmBeefStew, showing a maturity and thoughtfulness of design that we used to only see from creators who’d been around for years. Not only is the technical design nearly flawless, but there’s clearly been a lot of attention to aesthetics, too, producing some very nice and unique environments. It’s still early in the year, but I’d be quite surprised if this won’t be considered one of the best hacks of 2021.
Fintan Link
excellent hack! Just the right amount of chocolate
kaigem Link
Gorgeous hack with smooth flowing sections. Each level elaborated on its theme in very creative ways. Challenging enough to test the player but nothing too tight or punishing.
Miscalc Link
Absolutely loved this hack. Anytime I started getting frustrated by a level, I ended up appreciating it in the end. Stellar work.
kidmoyer Link
Tight, enjoyable, and well directed. Everything pulls together nicely. Big fan of letter coins being used as indicators.
Ashman512 From older version: El Dorado Link
i patch my hack with floating ips and it dosont work again i will start to cry #smw{T_T}
Panther-T From older version: El Dorado Link
Teleport level sucks. Fun hack otherwise.
Neuromancer From older version: El Dorado Link
Awesome hack! Thank you!
derv82 From older version: El Dorado Link
Amazing hack. I can tell lots of love when into this hack, and I had a blast playing it (twice, once more immediately after beating it :O ).
SteamyPanini From older version: El Dorado Link
Amazing hack with a high level of creativity for sure. Gotta love the flow! I REALLY hope you make more hacks in the future. And the soundtrack is just bangers from start to finish. Thank you! 5/5 #smw{:TUP:}
PastaNoSauce From older version: El Dorado Link
Perfect 'casual kaizo' hack. Twice I was overcome with laughter, thanks for the great vibes!
Evil_Abed From older version: El Dorado Link
Fun hack! Really good job stew! 5/5
B2De From older version: El Dorado Link
I went to start this hack last night while half asleep, ready to crash, thought I'd play a couple levels and come back to it. It sucked me in and I couldn't turn it off until I completed it, and was wishing there was more. Very fun hack, super sick soundtrack, unique setups, and just an overall good time. Awesome work! #smw{:TUP:}
sio-kedelic From older version: El Dorado Link
This hack is fantastic from top to bottom. Has a ton of personality, including a lot of ports that stew himself put a lot of heart into, and the entire project shines because of it. The flow is also really fun!

5/5 for sure, everyone should play this :)
h4shcat From older version: El Dorado Link
nice hack!
margot From older version: El Dorado Link
A truly joyful experience from start to finish, brimming with uniqueness and personality throughout.

If you are looking for challenging (but extremely fair) intermediate hack to try out, please do yourself a favor and choose this one.
blackhart From older version: El Dorado Link
Awesome game.
 shovda From older version: El Dorado Link
Wonderfully fun hack. The gameplay is great, with fresh setups, and the whole game oozes personality. It's a must play for anyone who plays a lot of kaizo imo.
le4che From older version: El Dorado Link