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    BRR Samples → SNES SDK

    This file is obsolete. The latest version is SNES SDK. For other versions, check the version history.
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    Submission Details

    Name: SNES SDK
    Author: Pinci
    Version History: View
    Collection: Compilation
    Description: This is a compilation of all the SNES SDK (software development kit) samples provided by Nintendo that I could find. I went through many games spotting duplicates. A total of 61 samples are in this compilation.

    A readme is included with detailed information about the samples. The tunings txt is inside the samples folder.

    For documentation and research purposes, some samples that are already in SMW are included here too, of course you don't have to insert them again, silly.
    Tags: acoustic piano agogo bassoon brass section closed hi-hat distortion guitar drawbar organ electric piano explosion fantasia pad finger bass fretless bass glockenspiel honky-tonk piano kick marimba misc open conga open hi-hat orchestra hit pan flute piano sawtooth sine wave slap bass snare square string ensemble synth bass synth brass timpani tom trombone trumpet violin wood block
    Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
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    Comments (4)

    Pinci Author Link
    added the synth brass sample pointed out by masked man, thanks!
    also removed the piano 2 and timpani 2 samples, as they are most likely coincidences and not part of the sdk
    Masked Man Link
    There was also a commonly used trumpet sample, as seen in the "Game Over" jingle for Pipe Dream for example.
    Pinci Author Link
    probably, as I mentioned, these are all the samples I could find/recognize, there may be more because some of them (like the modulated sine and marimba 2) are only found in two games (if you count the burn in test cart and the test program cart as games that is)
    Klug Link
    Ah yes, the origins of SMW samples.

    Also, are you missing some samples or something?