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    Kabuki "YOOOOOO" Sound Effect

    BRR Samples → Kabuki "YOOOOOO" Sound Effect

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    Submission Details

    Name: Kabuki "YOOOOOO" Sound Effect
    Author: Ultima
    Collection: Single
    Description: The Kabuki "YOOOOOOOOO" sound effect. Sample taken from the Roland SRX World VST.

    Note: There are three versions of this sample, with "downsampled +2" being the highest quality and "downsampled +4" being the lowest. You can use either one of these depending on how much space your hack (or port if you're not going to use it for some kind of Nintendo Presents thing) will have. Just remember to choose these wisely, and only use the lowest quality version if there's absolutely no other way it'll insert; if it doesn't insert even with that, just avoid using the sample altogether, I don't really care lmao
    Tags: misc voice
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    Comments (1)

    FedoraFriday Link
    I just realized - the 2003 TMNT series used this sound effect as a means to announce the Foot Ninja are about.