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Song Title


    Cave Story - Pitch Black Distress ~ Moonsong (Remix)

    SMW Music → Cave Story - Pitch Black Distress ~ Moonsong (Remix)

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    Submission Details

    Name: Cave Story - Pitch Black Distress ~ Moonsong (Remix)
    Author: Hooded Edge
    Insert Size: 0x0AA6 bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: Many
    Source: Remix
    Duration: 1:29
    Featured: No
    Description: Did an arrangement of Moonsong from Cave Story. Funny enough, just like Touhou, it was SMW romhacking that introduced me to this game and like 90% of its soundtrack. I ended up playing it a couple months back and loving it, hoping to probably do a remix of one of the songs at some point, so I did that today. Moonsong's an outstanding song that fits the sad 'n dark atmosphere its in while also having a sick beat to go along with it.

    There are also customizable pitches for this song that you can adjust in the song's txt file:
    1. C Minor (Original Pitch, turned on default)
    2. C# Minor (Custom Pitch 1)
    3. B Minor (Custom Pitch 2)
    Tags: cave cutscene dark forest mysterious night ruins sad swamp temple
    Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
    5.0 (3 ratings)
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    Comments (4)

    Ultima Link
    ehh, think I prefer the original to this one honestly; your remix isn't bad or anything, I just like the original song far too much, not to mention that SMB Underground part is definitely a bit jarring IMO... kills a lot of the emotion in the song, which isn't very good

    otherwise not too bad overall, but yeah, I just feel far attached to the original song so anything that doesn't sound close enough to it just kind of doesn't cut it for me sadly
    Dark Mario Bros Link
    Such a good remix tho, not to mention this is one of my favourites songs from cave story #smrpg{:D}
    Would be cool seeing the pan effect like the original song has, but it's great as it is
    qantuum Link
    I've heard this song before... Really like the vibe, well done.
    Zavok Link