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Conditional Bullet Bill Shooter

SMW Sprites → Conditional Bullet Bill Shooter

Submission Details

Name: Conditional Bullet Bill Shooter
Author: Koopster
Tool: PIXI
Type: Shooter
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: A bullet bill shooter that will only shoot depending on a flag, such as the ON/OFF switch, the P-switch, etc. The extra bit determines if it shoots when this flag is either set or clear.

The extra bytes also allow for setting any of the 8 directions, toggling the proximity check and setting up a shooting timer manually per shooter.
Tags: bullet bullet bill lorom sa-1 shooter
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Comments (3)

 RussianMan Link
Tested With:
-Lunar Magic 3.30
-PIXI 1.32
-bsnes v115
-SA-1 1.40
-Bullet Bill Disassembly

The submission has been updated to work with any RAM addresses like timers to better reflect the description (previously only worked with flags like On/Off and technically timers, but only for 1 frame). A pretty cool shooter with a lot of potential for creative level design.
 Koopster Author Link
Originally posted by terkenytl
Wondering if there's an ability to stop the Bullet Bill when switching On to Off.

This is possible if you use the disassembly bullet bill sprite and modify it so it doesn't move depending on a flag (it cannot be done on the shooter's end, only on the bullet bill's end).
terkenytl Link
Wondering if there's an ability to stop the Bullet Bill when switching On to Off.