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Papaya Mountain

Super Mario World Hacks → Papaya Mountain

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Papaya Mountain. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Papaya Mountain
Author: VLSkoot
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Papaya Mountain is my attempt to use stupid vanilla mechanics (aided by custom blocks and sprites) to try to make a fun thingy. Also, this is a very Yoshi heavy hack, be warned. The difficulty curve is all over the place which is sure to provide hours of fun! This is an easy/intermediate hack with relatively short levels. but some arguably cryptic setups and tech. Have fun.

Humongous thank you to Placeholdertest for basically doing all of the aesthetics, music choices, and overworld. And to JeesusShuttlesworth for the hot title screen and final boss fight!
Tags: music
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
4.9 (10 ratings)
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Comments (14)

amelyssan Link
Incredibly creative, wild setups, incredibly legible at all times, unbelievable yoshi shenanigans, fun from start to end #smrpg{<3}

I'd say this is much more of an intermediate hack than easy, about at the midway point between a Bunbun 2 and an Invictus, but difficulty is a subjective fuzzy scale.

Absolutely a must-play hack!
SteamyPanini Link
So much Yoshi, so much creativity. Awesome hack. 5/5 #smw{:peace:}
Evil_Abed Link
Nice job! 5/5
StacheAttack Link
Very fun! One of the most creative hacks I've played in a while. It takes tricks that have only ever been used intermittently, and brought them to the forefront of a level. Perfect length for each level/checkpoint.

Thanks VLSkoot!
- Stache
bravetoaster Link
Such an amazing, fun and creative hack. Thanks for this one VLSkoot #tb{:j}
Miscalc Link
The creativity is off the chart with this one. For being such wacky mechanics, the levels still feel smooth and well designed. Great hack guys.
PastaNoSauce Link
Outright entertaining to play. Not a puzzle hack, VLSkoot gives you a chance to understand the mechanic at play in every level. Not a yoshi tech hack either, but an exhibition of glitches which happens to feature yoshi in parts.

Outside of the glitch tricks, the kaizo involved is straightforward, which really gives room for having fun with the tricks. No section goes on for too long either. The creativity shines through simple and consistent setups.

Small spoiler, just for the only trick I didn't get relatively quickly, mistaking an indicator for a new glitch I hadn't figured out yet in:
The Vanishing Act, 1st section
The coin is a throw indicator. EZ game.

That's the only example of something that threw me off the right problem-solving track, which is a testament to how well this hack has implemented the 'show don't tell' design.
AmazingChest Link
Very fun and creative hack. Great flow, great aesthetics, and emphasis on gimmicks that are fun to play with instead of getting in the player's way.

The difficulty curve wasn't that wild except for the third level that took at least three times as long as any other level to beat, due to a combination of a few obtuse setups and some overly tight (compared to the rest of the hack) setups. But it still wasn't that bad.


There was an unfortunate bug in the boss fight that almost guaranteed death. In the second phase the super koopas will at some point disappear in between Wendy appearances leaving you with no nothing to bounce on. The disappearance seemed to happen at the same time that Wendy and the dummies spawned, however I always fell into the lava before they could be bounced on. Eventually I found a way to prevent this bug or at least make it less likely to happen by jumping off of the brown platform as soon as I could. I think the bug has something to do with an excess of sprites? Here is a clip of the bug happening:


Besides that one glitch this hack was very well crafted and probably VL's best hack to date. Great job!
 Linkdeadx2 Link
great use of some obscure mechanics. #smrpg{sick}
 quietmason Link
Sorry to be that guy, but this hack is incredibly fun, one of my favorites I've ever played. Every level has a great balance between obscure tech and legibility. Super creative stuff, I enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks for making, VL!

Erik_The_Swift Link
I'm inclined to believe that this is a very good hack, a solid 10/10.
ageVerrly Link
Even though I can't say for sure I am under the impression that this is a very fine hack.
Shuttles Link
This hack is perfectly adequate. Maybe even above average.
placeholdertest Link
Hmmm, I think this hack might be decent.