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Boo Stream Unused Minor Extended Sprites

SMW Patches → Boo Stream Unused Minor Extended Sprites

Submission Details

Name: Boo Stream Unused Minor Extended Sprites
Author: Isikoro
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: Disable Minor extended sprites production by Boo Stream and record the production position of the Boo Stream tile at $7F9A7B~.
The number of simultaneous coexistence of Boo Stream is limited to 4, but even if 4 bodies coexist at the same time, the line will not be shortened.

If it is not SA-1 enhanced ROMS, be sure to apply No More Sprite Tile Limits.
Do not allow Boo Stream and Wiggler to coexist.

Tags: boo stream lorom minor sprites sa-1
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Comments (1)

 RussianMan Link
Tested With:
-Lunar Magic 3.30
-PIXI 1.32
-bsnes v115
-SA-1 1.40
-No More Sprite Tile Limits v1.2.1

Neat idea.