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Super Mario World Hacks → Shellax

Submission Details

Name: Shellax
Author: Fryinb
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This hack is focused mainly on shell tricks but still a ton of platforming throughout each level. I focused mainly on stuff I thought was fun instead of trying to make hard shell levels! Around the difficulty of Shell's Retriever with slightly longer levels. This is my first hack and I had a ton of fun making it. Big thanks to all the people who helped me with this and gave insight! GLHF

Nerfed a set up in the first level which caused some issues.
Tags: asm music
Comments: 27 (jump to comments)
4.9 (14 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (27)

TaddyMason74 Link
Easily my favorite hack to this day. I'm still terrible at it, but having played and beaten this hack helped me get immensely more comfortable with shell tricks. Great work fry.
xPaulx Link
another great work from Fryinb ! this was my second shell hack and i really enjoy it , but most of all i learn new techniques and have fun in the process . 5/5
riobaldo Link
I have to reiterate: the only bad thing about this romhack is that it ends so soon... All levels are extremely fun to go through. To my skills, it was a challenging but always rewarding playthrough.

After finishing it, the only thought is: should one have hope about a Shellax 2?

Excellent work, Fryinb. Definitely one of my favorite romhacks.
derv82 Link
Extremely well-made, fun, easily my favorite shell hack.

Shellax avoids 2 huge problems with most shell hacks: Blind setups and Monotony. Shellax's setups are clear and easy to read blind, and each trick feels unique.

Clearly a lot of work went into this hack, and the attention to detail really makes it shine.
will___ Link
Such a sick hack. Every level is fast, fun, and cohesive. No unnecessary tightness, and very clearly indicated. If you're looking to sit back and do some fun inputs in super mario world, I can't recommend this enough.
Neuromancer Link
Fun hack!
Kimota Link
A fun time. Didn't take me too long and I didn't get frustrated except at the terrible D-Pad of the PS5 controller, which costs $60 but somehow can't distinguish between right and up. Anyway, hope you make more.
Mithrillionaire Link
Really fun hack! Nice job of having most of the levels combine shell tricks with other sprite themes to keep things fresh. Longer shell levels with no midways made it a bit rough on the hands, but it did feel good to finally string it all together.

The switch palace felt a lot more finicky and particular than the other levels, and probably took me longer than the rest of the hack combined.

Great work on this. It was not as "shellaxing" as I expected, but I still had a good time.
NinjaLifestyle Link
This is a great hack if you like shells. This will be hard if you don't like shells. 5/5
mmBeefStew Link
Super fun hack! The level flow was great and the setups were super consistent, if you're looking for a good shell hack to play, give this a shot!
Darkanine Link
Fun intro shell hack! I am not a shell hack player, and I don't like item tech generally, but I had fun with this. The tricks are fun to execute and nothing felt over the top or awkward. I'd say it's definitely worth a shot. Also, you *really* like bump shell jumps, don't you Fryinb? :)
Wa5h Link
Very dope hack! Every single level has great flow and no annoying parts. If you ever decide to make more levels or even a longer hack, I'll definitely play those, too.
BoozeWash Link
10/10 would shell again :)
OctaviusPepper Link
A damn fun shell hack. No level overstays its welcome and the flow is great with a really good variety of shell tricks. The only complaint I have is that it was a bit on the short side, I wouldn't have minded a few more levels or sections. Overall a really fun, quick adventure that really lets you flex your shell muscles and have a good time.
Rahsa Rafamow Link
Caea Minecrafto#w{xD}
AmazingChest Link
Just a straight up good time.
Deivid Borba Link
It's a very nice shell hack!!! I like it so much.
StacheAttack From older version: Shellax Link
This is a really fun day hack! Most moves felt natural and intuitive.

Thanks Fryinb!
- Stache
B2De From older version: Shellax Link
What NinjaLifestyle said. #smw{:peace:}
NinjaLifestyle From older version: Shellax Link
Excellent hack. Most of the shell setups here are fairly easy to understand. Great flow between shell tricks. Not TOO many repeated movements. Be ready for fairly long levels with almost no checkpoints. Game is also filled with catJAM so prepare to get funky!
BoozeWash From older version: Shellax Link
10/10 would shell again :)
Puppysoup From older version: Shellax Link
Great name :)
Kinkerton From older version: Shellax Link
hmm yes, this appears to be a rom hack!!! yayyyy! by the way, happy birthday fryinb!!1
le4che From older version: Shellax Link
this was extremely fun, cant wait to see what you make next dude! also ty for using my death block! (and also using the palette for it LUL)
Ultima From older version: Shellax Link
commenting on this just for the pun alone honestly lmao
OhMuramatsu From older version: Shellax Link
Nice job! So much fun!
placeholdertest From older version: Shellax Link
Noooooooo! I was having such a good time but then it ended. This hack is indicated very well and flows extremely nicely. Only downside is it is very short. Definitely one the better shell hacks in recently memory. Well done. Make more. ;)