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Ides of March

Super Mario World Hacks → Ides of March

Submission Details

Name: Ides of March
Author: shaoshao
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 20 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Beware the Ides of March!

This is a vanilla hack inspired by old school Kaizo hacks like Dram, and the original Kaizo trilogy, but with modern quality of life patches.

This includes 20 exits with short sections of pure vanilla action. No asm gimmicks allowed here. The only GPS block included is a death block, and the only uberasm included is select to save on overworld.

Each section is relatively short, but trolls and hidden blocks are fair game!

Good luck!

Updates in 1.1:
- Added a lot of new secrets! Check those pipes!
- Removed unnecessary tightness and unintended difficulty
- Reworked some sections from user feedback
- Fixed the lag in the Inferno big boo fight
- Changed the song in Interest of Time because of a buggy port
- Added some indication
- Various tweaks for better level flow
- Small graphical updates to fix unintended cutoff
Tags: kaizo block music vanilla vanilla graphics
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
3.5 (2 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (11)

Kimota Link
I didn't like this one. The setups lacked flow, and there were a fair number of awkward waiting parts. The obstacles and level themes were derivative of older hacks and not done as well in many instances (for example, Ultra Star). The use of trolls and kaizo blocks was excessive and seldom felt earned by the levels. Overall, even though I breezed through pretty quickly, I did not have a good time.
Smackalot Link
This hack was tremendously fun. From the very first level, the opening setup put a smile on my face.

Loved the second level. Everything lined up really well timing wise, which is really hard to do as a creator.

troll end
of Freaking Switch Palace was great. Slopes Are indeed Dank.

Paradiso was the Queen Stage in my opinion. A tricky and technical
cape level
, it was deliciously fun to play over and over again as I learned how to beat it. The additional
time factor
demanded excellence. Reminiscent of the feeling I had playing
cape levels in GPW II or Breakfast Kaizo 2
, beating this one was more fun and just as satisfying. The short length of this level and all the others in the game in fact kept things from getting frustrating and the game feels fresh as you are constantly moving on. The Ghost House was fun and easy to read.

Throughout this game the trolls had a classic feel and didn't bother me at all, and while they did feel a little much in
Alpha Scorpii, it was all in keeping it in the spirit of Dram
. A tricky level, it was nevertheless easy to learn and short in length.

The final castle was challenging enough in that it
lacked checkpoints between rooms. I would have liked to have seen a final boss
. I liked the music quite a bit, for the whole hack actually. Overall this was a really well done game, it felt like a lot of fun little challenges. Thanks to the Kaizo Klub for recommending. 5/5
PlagueofDoom Link
Just finished this and I had a blast playing it, super fun vanilla setups, good soundtrack and not ball bustingly difficult. Highly recommend this hack. I only got super salty in a few spots
BabaYegha From older version: Ides of March Link
I really enjoyed this hack! Highly recommend for every kaizoholics!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!
PS.: here is a lil' teaser for this hack: Teaser
SteamyPanini From older version: Ides of March Link
Great job on your first hack. Fun callbacks to the old school hacks. #smw{:TUP:}
B2De From older version: Ides of March Link
This game was a lot of fun. I love the old school vanilla vibe. Was teased for quite some time in Palace de Yump, but was eventually able to conquer it lol. Great work, Shao! Big recommend. #smw{:TUP:}
Jikurein From older version: Ides of March Link
great first hack! I'm even more amazed at how quickly you put this together since all of the levels are fantastic.
NeptuneNeon From older version: Ides of March Link
awesome job shao! the levels were short and sweet. some sections were a little rough, but i was quickly rewarded with a CP or the goal tape right after. solid vanilla hack, lots of callbacks to the old school drams and kaizo trilogies. trolls were very creative, and in most shao doesnt punish you by replaying the entire level again. this hack truly stands out on its own and deserves a first play.
Evil_Abed From older version: Ides of March Link
Good hack shao! Really fun! =D
blackhart From older version: Ides of March Link
Wow, shaoshao! This was a great classic vanilla kaizo hack. A few challenging setups, but nothing exceedingly difficult. A solid easy/intermediate vanilla hack that can be cleared in a few hours. A ton of fun, great job dude!

ageVerrly From older version: Ides of March Link
Really fun little hack. I expected it to be a lot harder from the description but this one can be beaten by just about anyone. Sometimes it is a little bit to easy for my taste (just fulljumping is the answer to a lot of things) and the obstacles are very 'smooth' and linear (unlike what you would expect from a kaizo 3 inspired hack).

That said I recommend this hack to everyone.