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A Goblin's Quest to Leave Her House and Get a Gyro For Lunch Because She Was Hungry

Super Mario World Hacks → A Goblin's Quest to Leave Her House and Get a Gyro For Lunch Because She Was Hungry

Submission Details

Name: A Goblin's Quest to Leave Her House and Get a Gyro For Lunch Because She Was Hungry
Author: Lizstar
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: One day Lumi the Goblin woke up and realized she was STARVING, so she decided to walk down to the local supermarket to see if they had any gyros. This is her story.

This is a semi-difficult Kaizo light hack. If you had to ask I'd say maybe a 6.5/10 or so? Or a 7? If Quickie is a 1 and Casio is a 10. I dunno, its hard to define difficulty for kaizo hacks, its all in the eye of the beholder. Well I am bad at Kaizo Mario, and this is about a 6.5. So hopefully that'll inform your download choice.

The levels in this hack are usually built around a gimmick or concept. The hack itself is rather chocolatey, though the gimmicks are USUALLY less in ASM and more in sprites and interesting level design. My goal in this hack (and most hacks) is to get people to go "WHAT THE HECK" as soon as they see a level (though usually use a word different than heck), then find out they really like the level anyway

Just as last time, I am not a Kaizo player. I'm not even really a Mario player. So all my stuff is a little weird for your typical Kaizo sensibilities. I've been told it feels like "Kaizo from an alternate universe where all the sensibilities are slightly different".

Things this hack has:

96 fugumannen (Yes, 96 different fugu. Its my favorite sprite.)
Chocolatey design
Gyros (hopefully!)
Cutscenes where Lumi dyed her hair for 5 minutes cause I couldn't fix that issue lol I dunno
Some humor, depending on how much of a fuddy duddy you are.
No trolls or deadly kaizo blocks. Mischief is fun, trolls are not.
A secret room in every single level, the "Murr Room" of that level


Thanks to Arcadia(@neonarcadia) for the custom sprite and art for Lumi. Thanks to Glitchcat7 and Marcy August for playtesting. Thanks for Amethyst_Rocks for playtesting and looking at my levels as I made them and telling me to just stop already, which tempered a few levels. You should thank her too. Trust me.

Please enjoy!


1.1: Some bugfixes
Tags: asm custom character exgfx gimmicks music non-mario traditional
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Comments (2)

katun24 Link
Really fun quirky hack, I especially enjoyed how the choconess mostly comes from the use of custom sprites with all the types of fugus, mammals, stacks upon balls upon stacks etc., rather than confusing physics gimmicks. The intended setups are not always obvious but this doesn't mean that the levels don't work, as the previous comment seems to suggest. It's just an extra layer of complexity due to the levels not being super streamlined, and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to figure out setups on my own rather than the level design dictating them.
BOB66 Link
ok . so I played this for a sec and was pretty confused . are u sure ur playtesters did their job correctly ? Cuz u can pretty much cheese every obstacles in the first section of this . It's very nice to see new ppls in the community getting ambitious with their first hack but , pls for the love of god before putting in fancy graphics and writing storylines for ur hack ,please make sure ur lvls works . :)