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Mario Gives Up 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario Gives Up 2

Submission Details

Name: Mario Gives Up 2
Author: cyphermur9t
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 95 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Play the first Mario Gives Up if you like plot.

This is a continuation of the first Mario Gives Up. After a while of having no princess, Mario starts to realize the mistake he made in the past and needs to do one thing to get his conscience cleared. He needs to venture down to hell and retrieve the princess himself! Can he do it?
Tags: exgfx music
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
5.0 (1 rating)
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Comments (10)

Atomicatoms Link
Really awesome that this game now works on SNES9X. #smw{:TUP:}

I hope you can make big updates and fix bugs on Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown 1 & 2, they are both pretty good games.

Both meltdown games need "Music Fixes" so they could work with SNES9X.
MegaSonic1999 Link
I hope there will be also updates of mushroom kingdom meltdown 1 & 2, and for the first episode, I also hope that new music will be used, especially the Mushroom kingdom meltdown soundtrack.
Klug Link
Glad to see the fixed version now accepted to the main site! Can't wait to see how many players are going to replay this too soon...
BigDaddy645 From older version: Mario Gives Up 2 Link
Had a TON of fun playing it.
Akutarex From older version: Mario Gives Up 2 Link
10/10 best than Undertale
Kyanite From older version: Mario Gives Up 2 Link
Time for me to update my review on this hack! Awhile ago(when I was Mario3andU), I gave my thoughts on this hack. But, since then, I was able to beat the hack. What I can say? This hack is probably one of my favorite ROM hacks.

Graphics: cypher obviously used SMWRedrawn for most of the graphics, and it doesn't really clash with any BG or FG. The graphics work well with each other. Not only that, but it was huge upgrade in terms of graphics from the first game. Nice job there.

Presentation: This game uses cutscenes from time to time, but they are not used to progress the story in anyway, with the exception of the beginning and end. Instead, the cutscenes are used to set up the level, and it works. The game does use message boxes, that are helpful yet they do tease you a little bit like in the original game. The story through the cutscenes are told in a non-serious way which is nice. I will say that the end cutscene kinda assumes that you played the first game, and while the cutscene can still be funny, it really doesn't tell the player why Mario was mad.

Sound: The music is fantastic! I love every piece you used. Overall, the soundtrack is great through the whole trilogy, but this game has better music than the first! (Not really the third, that one has my favorite soundtrack.) If only I knew what the names of the music you used, because I can only recongize a few of them.

Gameplay: Let's start with the overworld. The overworld is like a maze, and you will have to backtrack to different areas in order to beat the game, and it is REQUIRED that you get most of the secret exits in order to beat the game. This can be a turnoff for people who don't like finding secrets, and just beating the game. Luckily, the secret exits aren't too hard to find, but you may have to look up a couple of them. The level design is good, but some levels are just insanely hard. Like "Orby Shenigans." That stupid orb... But some levels were really fun like "super awesome happy" Overall, nice job, but you make some hard levels.

Overall, this hack is fun to play, with great graphics, good presentation, amazing soundtrack, and tough as nails levels with insanely fun ones. This hack is like a roller coaster of fun and challenge, but stays mostly fun most of the time. Anyways, I'll give this hack a 8/10.
h.carrell From older version: Mario Gives Up 2 Link
goal music please
Pedro156 From older version: Mario Gives Up 2 Link
Small review:

GRAPHICS: 7/10 - Didn't like some of them, but the others are fine.
LEVEL DESIGN: 9/10 - Matches perfectly with the level themes. Nice work. The levels are very good designed.
MUSICS: 10/10 - Liked almost every music. Great choice.
OVERWORLD: 9/10 - I liked the puzzle idea. I'm lost in the overworld. Score for you.
DIFFICULTY: 10/10 - Very hard levels, even on the first world. Nice job.

OVERALL: 9/10 - Good hack!

Mario3andU From older version: Mario Gives Up 2 Link
Okay, since I've only gotten through worlds 1-4 I feel like it seems like good enough for a review.

This hack was really fun to play, especially the level "Super awesome happy". That level was really fun, also many of the levels, too, but some levels were hard for me, and just wasn't very fun. But the level where I gave up was on "Orby Shenigans". The Object of the level was to carry an orb through the level, the problem with that was the part where you had to carry the orb and the trampoline, with that point I was running out of time dodgeing bouncing koopas, and carrying both items.
The situation made me give up and stop playing.

Overall: The hack looks great with it's great overworld and graphics,and such, anyways I hope you will enjoy this hack more than I did.
mangolo From older version: Mario Gives Up 2 Link
MUSICS (7/10): There are some cool musics, but in the last levels you used most likely 1 or 2 musics for your terror themed levels, and actually didn't fit very well with the levels.


GRAPHICS (10/10): Really good, one of the best variation of scenarios I've seen. You didn't repeat them much, what made each level have its own style.


LEVELS (8.5/10): There are 3 major problems. You overused grinders and lift levels, as well as ball'n chains.
The fortress boss is annoying after you face it for the fourth time. And big boo fights are pretty hard, considering you don't want to cheat loading states.
There's also some lack of mushrooms and powerups in some levels, mainly on the last ones.
Aside from that, the difficulty for the mario coins make them unworth by their utility.
I must congratulate you for not overusing Chucks, that's pretty rare.
Your use of Yoshis and secret exit keys were original. Good job there.
Passwords, hints and secret links for youtube videos were also a great idea.

Some levels:
Alternate Universe: Really enjoyed this one, though it's a bit hard.
Fake. Fake!!! DERP!: It's much easier to find the correct keyhole than finding the password, but it's a good idea.
Mario on a Train: Very original, but a bit too repetitive.
Slip'n Die: It's possible to make the holes disappear, and you can't proceed anymore.
Crossing Dimensions: Very intersting. But unfortunately, this is the most hellish level you made. The others are more like a volcano.
Tick-Tock: The feeling you created here is great. One of the best levels in my opinion.

In overall, you seem to have been lasy naming your levels. Not a big problem, but is noticeable. And the shoop da whoop thing, honestly, is an extremely overused noob joke. It's far from being funny and it's even annoying, just from seeing it.


OVERWORLD (10/10): You were smart with your puzzles, even without new graphics.


STORY (7/10): I admit I didn't play your first game on this series, but you didn't explain anything during the gameplay.
Luigi appears in the intro cutscene and is never seen again.
You also didn't explain what Mario done to Peach. The ending was funny, but senseless if you don't know what happened.


FINAL NOTES: This is a great game in overall. You didn't let your lack of explanations about the story interfere in your good level design.
I see you like apocalyptical scenarios. That creates a weird but very nice atmosphere for a Mario game. Keep that up.