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Song Title


    Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor

    SMW Music → Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor

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    Submission Details

    Name: Final Fantasy VII - Mako Reactor
    Author: Daizo Dee Von
    Insert Size: 0x05D2 bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: Many
    Source: Port
    Duration: 2:59
    Featured: No
    Description: The deeply menacing theme representing the Mako Factory from Final Fantasy VII, or as I like to call it "Magitek Research Facility's Younger Brother". Not accurate to the original due to not having the proper samples, so I used some of my own ones. Since I really like the Remake version, I included a small nod to it that plays every second loop if you enable it using the define "LOOP2" (see txt for details). If it's disabled, the size will decrease to 0x042D and the real length will be 1:35.

    Includes the option to enable/disable staccato with the staccato define. With it enabled, the size will decrease to 0x05C6 (which really isn't much). If this is enabled along with LOOP2 disabled, it will become 0x0467.

    This submission accounts for the max size and length using the various defines.

    Song not compatible with P-switch, Bonus End, Thunder, Yoshi, or Blarggs.

    Edit: Wrong notes been corrected (to the best of my abilities), tho I kept in the "wrong intro notes" as an option in the "ACCURATE" define because I unironically liked it better. Nameless is the one to thank for pointing where I made mistakes. With ACCURATE disabled (setting it to 1), it'll add 3 extra bytes.
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    Tags: ambient castle dark final fire industrial
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    Comments (1)

    Arash Link
    Really great work. Replicates the feeling of the original track greatly even with key missing samples.