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Super Mario World Hacks → Waterworld

Submission Details

Name: Waterworld
Author: BabaYegha
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: The floodgate has been opened!

"The future, where polar ice caps have melted, covering our land with water. Those who survived have adapted to a new world."

Waterworld's philosophy is "what if water levels were good?"
The levels of this game were designed around interesting setups combined with water. Forget those moments where you were swimming around in a muncher maze.
During your dive course you will experience mostly vanilla levels but you will find choco sprinkles on the shores.

I make no apologies if you get trolled. Keep that in mind. :)

This game features sekruts. For those who loves exploring there is a sekrut ending (+1 exit) with some heavy lore.

I was extremely lucky to work with these wonderful people:
- Abdu
- dogemaster500
- el_usive
- itsJon_M
- itsMegaScott
- KatMakes
- KevinM
- zanian_

Without them this game wouldn't exist at all. Thank you so much!!

I hope you will enjoy it!!

PS.: You will find the OST here:

Tags: boss hdma kaizo less efgfx lore multiple endings music secrets water
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4.9 (27 ratings)
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Comments (33)

bonjoursauce Link
On a scale from 0 to 10, this hack is a 15.
Any other words I'd try to add on top of this would probably ruin this masterpiece of a hack that Baba has achieved.
JumpMatt Link
A master class in water levels. Played this in very early 2022, still sticks in my mind. Very unique and interesting setups, gorgeous graphics, fantastic music. What can be said that hasn't been said already? Had to leave a comment to give my easy 5/5.
timeisart Link
Baba did the impossible and made water actually fun. interesting and unique setups throughout, presented in a gorgeous way, definitely one of the prettiest hacks out there. still think I prefer his previous hack Boogie Wonderland over this though, that one is a masterpiece imo.
Russ Link
"This hack made me wet"

- Russ 2016
7 up Link
ign 7,8/10 too much water
 StayAtHomeStegosaurus Link
Sequel when?
 Pokemon Hacker Link
I'd love to see this hack recreated as a large collaboration project, with all water overworlds
Azula16 Link
WOW! I have always hated the water levels. Trust me.
But I'm really amazed by the level setups. They r beautiful! I loved. Thanks for the Sekrut Ending. (Best Ludwig ever) Seriously, very good job. Now I like the water levels. They can be very interesting. Especially with layer 2.
8> 8>
Ezel Link
This hack makes me feel that water levels are often unappreciated and are still a relatively unexplored area. Every level felt unique and it mixed water with various creative interactions. The levels are decently challenging, but they're doable for anyone who's rather familiar with kaizo.

Overall this was an absolute joy to play and probably one of my personal favorites. Amazing job!
Kimota Link
I already liked water levels, and this did not disappoint. Super creative, I had a blast. Loved the final boss fight especially.
Not_Vinicius1 Link
One of the best hacks i've played, thanks for this baba! #smw{:TUP:}
Gabriel_Master Link
Very good hack from the top to the bottom of the Sea, I had a good experience, a lot of challenges for me that I'm not very good with water stages with this hack I could get a little more skillful !!!
An excellent job#smrpg{y}.
AndreDK7 Link
This romhack created a whole new concept for water levels. The level design and aesthetics here are amazing. I can tell you guys for sure this is my favorite kaizo hack. Love it!
Jonah_ Link
An incredible hack from top to bottom of the ocean. :) Expect out-of-this-world aesthetics and fluid levels that are appealing to revisit. This game made me appreciate what water platforming could be. 10/10 #smrpg{cool}
 Pokemon Hacker Link
Those aesthetics though !!
mason Link
I liked the decent moments this hack had to offer. My one criticism is that it would have been nice if there was a water level in your hack. 9/10
ZX497 Link
Tough but fair challenge, very little issues figuring out the setups and there's always enough leeway in the tricks to not frustrate you.
Absolutely stunning visuals. The levels reflect the overworld design and flow nicely from one to another. Some very intriguing secrets to find as well.

Highly recommended.
cocox3502 Link
great hack i had alot of fun and you will to if you
Kezcade Link
10/10, would swim again - hillJAMCURSED
Not_Vinicius1 Link
qantuum Link
rextep Link
Though it suffered from toxic buzz at the time of its release, Waterworld is ultimately an ambitious misfire: an extravagant kaizo hack with some decent moments and a lot of silly ones 5/5
BoozeWash Link
beautifully made hack, set ups and aesthetics are top tier. This is what quality looks like.
DoktorGroove Link
Really really cool and well made hack with very cool setups and much love for details and aesthetics! The entire atmosphere is brilliant! Much #w{<3} Baba #smw{:TUP:}
shaoshao Link
Wonderful aesthetics, fun level design, short satisfying sections. This hack is awesome!
slopcore Link
The water is salty... but warm. Incredibly well made hack offering a plethora of unique challenges with gorgeous presentation.
Nirv Link
What a gem!
orka-bln Link
I never had the feeling I was playing a water hack. Awesome setups, trolls and bosses, plus beautiful aesthetics.
CNaught Link
Side-exit enabled. =)
janklorde Link
A hack that's been literally months in the making. Waterworld, by Kevin Costner. Get some goggles on, get in the (salty) water, and play a real masterpiece. Incredible work Baba.
SJandCharlieTheCat Link
I've had the pleasure of getting to know this hack well over the past few months. Baba's previous hack, Boogie Wonderland, is a complex and underrated gem; and through watching Baba make Waterworld, it's obvious that the process of making Boogie gave him a ton of creative expertise.

As Baba has said several times, SMW water levels are something that people widely think of as annoying or unnecessary. But Baba has really, truly changed the game here, utilizing water in so many creative and dynamic ways — producing a hack that not only has impeccable level design and looks great (just look at the screenshots!), but is supremely fun to play, too.

This isn't just a great water hack, but a great SMW hack in general.
Abdu Link
Sweetdude Link
My official IGN review:

7.8 Good

+ Fun platforming
+ Gorgeous detail

- Too much water