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Akogare 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Akogare 2

Submission Details

Name: Akogare 2
Author: Mega
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 29 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Over two years in the making this is the sequel to my first solo hack.

This time around I've gone with a mostly vanilla experience with a nice coating of sprite disassembly to spice things up from last time.

It features:
- 29 exits including 3 switch palaces
- Custom music
- A handful of secret rooms
- Another handful of 1-ups hidden in some sneaky places
- hand made backgrounds

The pressure I feel from the expectations after my first hack are something I've never felt before, however it does not deter me.
In the end I know I am proud of what this project has become and that is all I need.

Play at your own pace, not every destination is a race,
take stretch breaks and enjoy.

A lot, read the changelog included. provided a track list for the songs in the hack and where they play.
Main changes: Level Tweaks and redesigns, palette and background updates for gameplay experience, fixed a crash for snes classic users.
Tags: asm exgfx music
Comments: 38 (jump to comments)
5.0 (10 ratings)
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Comments (38)

LimeeySauce Link
Really loved it, i didn't play 1.0 but 1.10 was a really great time. Thank you for the great hack!
Steamed_Hams Link
This was the first hack I played through totally blind and it was a fantastic experience, but fuck man, you're a much better player than the first game, my ass was handed to me on a very regular basis. So many really cool ideas executed beautifully. I think my favourite level has to be Tower of Fate, hard to read at first, but P-speed screen wrap feels so sick to pull off. Great work!
mmBeefStew Link
This is a really great hack! There is a ton of time and care spent on every part of it and it shows, wonderful work!
xPaulx Link
i cant express how much love i got for this hack, being ako 1 my first (in that time) hard hack to beat , playing ako 2 was incredibly fun. Thanks Mega Scott for another amazing piece of art!
BanzaiChuck Link
Incredibly fun hack. The levels are distinct and expertly crafted, with a great flow and feel to them. I can recommend this to anyone who wants to leave the comfort zone of beginner kaizo and try something slightly more difficult.
TrendzAndz Link
One of my favourite hacks of the year. The aesthetics are incredibly well done and the platforming is just so much fun in this hack.
robbobert Link
Spectacular hack. The levels flowed really well, and I can't count the number of times I said "wow that was sick" to myself while playing through, or how many levels went from "how in the heck am I ever going to do this" to "gg ez" as I slowly got good. There were a few spots here or there where munchers felt unnecessarily tight or spawns felt a little finnicky, but over all just a lot of fun to play. Thanks for all your work creating this.
TheTaze Link
Really well made - another amazing game from Mega!
810Munoz Link
The flow of the levels made the entire game extremely fun. There were only a few parts that were difficult for me to figure out, but I would chalk that up to inexperience.

I also appreciate the extra love & care that went into aesthetics. The entire game is cohesive with callbacks to itself and the prequel. I'm sure fans with keen eyes will appreciate it as well.

Not_Vinicius1 Link
BabaYegha Link
I love the new water levels what you have added. 10/10
Danilo_Sick From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Awesome hack! nice difficulty curve, I enjoyed it so much!!
Thank you!
Mithrillionaire From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Had a really great time with this game. A worthy sequel to the first Akogare. I'm not sure it is as good of a "bridge" into intermediate kaizo as the original, but that's totally alright, and it would be sort of unfair to expect that. The platforming is fun and fast, many of the setups are very cool and original. The "sprite modification" theme was very cool and made for some clever setups. Like the first game, this one also spikes in difficulty rather sharply at the end. It's tougher overall than the first game, but a must-play for anyone up to the challenge.

I did find some parts of the game visually overwhelming. The game is gorgeous, but sometimes the widely varied, highly saturated palettes and bright backgrounds made it harder to identify the surroundings. This compounded some potential confusion with the modified sprites behaving in new, unexpected ways. Much of it looks great, and it all clearly had a lot of thought and work put into it. It's just a bit much in places in my opinion.

A few setups seemed to have some moving pieces that made things confusing or overly particular, when more stationary obstacles would have sufficed while being more visually and mechanically clear. In the cases where this was a problem, it was often compounded by confusion from a combination of busy visuals and custom sprite behavior. Not a huge or game-ruining thing, but one that stood out on a few tricks throughout.

Overall, a very good game that clearly shows all the time, care, and work that was put into it. Well done.
TokZone From older version: Akogare 2 Link
cool i love it #ab{:LOL:}
Ilucuthen From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Wasn't a huge fan of the original Akogare. I was very excited for this one, though, and it was really fun to play through... with some exceptions that kind of put a damper on the whole experience. There were a lot of places where it felt like you had to do something very specific or even arbitrary with your movement or everything else just wouldn't line up. These movements were not indicated, and while I eventually figured them out and some of them were even fun to master, I wasn't a fan of bashing my head against a wall for 30+ minutes just to guess the right inputs. Even after figuring said inputs out, some of these still felt way harder than anything other individual obstacles and ended up turning a fairly reasonable section into a nightmare.

There also seems to be a very recognizable level design, which isn't bad when it comes to having a cohesive romhack (
and the last level really pulls a lot of weight in this regard
), but there were definitely some levels where I was thinking something along the lines of "Oh, this is the part where you regrab off one enemy and then jump off the second". A lot of the levels did have a good underlying concept though, so this wasn't much of an issue.

Overall, though, I still enjoyed it, even after a certain level towards the end took way longer than anything else. 4/5
Nerso From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Awesome hack!! As I said in the other one, I learned too much from it
aetherquantity From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Loved the original when I was just starting my kaizo journey and loved this one too! Really excellent job Mega! Looking forward to anything you come out with in the future!
Panther-T From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Fun hack. Some of the levels suffered from repetition (regrab off of different types of enemies), there was a little bit of spawn jank, and a couple of weird difficulty spikes.

However, there was obviously a lot of effort put into this and I had a fun time playing through it.

Difficulty upper-intermediate; quality 4/5.
Connnnair From older version: Akogare 2 Link
I'm gonna be honest, if you're experienced with kaizo and SMW mechanics this hack is absolutely fantastic, it doesn't have the beginner friendly aspect that it's predecessor did, however what it looses in accessibility it makes for in innovative level design that strays from the standard 'item abuse oversaturated' bandwagon that most kaizo hacks abide by. I have to say however the biggest issue that this hack faces is what feels like a lack of playtesting, the setups for many sections are unintuitive (which is not a bad thing, rather a byproduct of innovation but noticeable regardless) setups which could have potentially used more indicators, as well as a rather odd difficulty curve that seems to spike randomly in difficulty in world 5 and then drop back down in world 6. Lastly I wish there was a
Final boss for both any% and 100%
however I can see why this is a matter of taste as opposed to something that is just outright missing. Despite all of this this is a fantastic hack and I would even go as far as to say its better than Akogare 1 which as a creator I guess is the ultimate goal.
 quietmason From older version: Akogare 2 Link
A remarkable hack. I greatly enjoyed the majority of the levels; that being said, the yoshi level gave me a great amount of trouble. Still a 5/5 for me!
LeaderAngelito From older version: Akogare 2 Link
I witnessed the creation of this rom. A very well created rom, long time worth it.
blackhart From older version: Akogare 2 Link
That had some tough spots, but it was really fun. Awesome work! #smrpg{<3}
Evil_Abed From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Nice hack! 5/5
Romano338 From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Almost all the levels feel the same. Chaining jumps on enemies, alternating from normal to spin via some plateforms put in between.
Sometimes it's koopas, sometimes it's fishes, sometimes it's mechakoopas, but in the end it's the same gameplay.
PastaNoSauce From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Lots of hype with the trilogy of sequels released.

The difficulty here isn't as much tight platforming or item tricks, but learning the movement required to proceed. Reminds me of the romhackraces type of challenge, where the skill often comes in how well the player reads and solves that 'movement puzzle'.

Fun times. Also
p-switch post-yump death in Dormant Chaparral #smw{T_T}
Ailunex From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Excitement through the roof!
B2De From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Zavok From older version: Akogare 2 Link
cardboardcell From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Crafted and designed with so much attention and care by one of the best creators in the community. A worthy successor to the original, which is arguably one of the greatest hacks ever made. Thank you so much for this.
timeisart From older version: Akogare 2 Link
what is going on with these epic sequels dropping lately! Riff World 2, Hark Bros 2, now this!!!
GrumpyWalrus From older version: Akogare 2 Link
So. Much. Hype! Can’t wait to play through this!
Copyright From older version: Akogare 2 Link
From what I played of this hack its really good. But the level
Joke's End
crashes the game on SNES Classic. I will probably just beat the any% route. Looking forward to your next hack
BabaYegha From older version: Akogare 2 Link
You did a really great job! It was an honor to work with you!
Highly recommend, a must have experience for kaizoholics #smw{:TUP:}
Yagami From older version: Akogare 2 Link
akogare 3 when #tb{TwT}
Nirv From older version: Akogare 2 Link
dogemaster From older version: Akogare 2 Link
Okay, this is epic
Sweetdude From older version: Akogare 2 Link
 BlooberryPi From older version: Akogare 2 Link