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SMW Graphics → Daisy

Submission Details

Name: Daisy
Author: clockworkweeble
Version History: View
Type: Original
Purpose: Player
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: Princess Daisy in a light cartoon style consistent with the regular game. I tried to keep Daisy cheerful, enthusiastic and bold. A complete set of player graphics, including cape, castle animations and blushing. Player 2's palette is in a Princess Peach colour scheme.

1.1.0 - Re-ordered overworld palette to fix Yoshi/switch palace colours.
Added Peach (Luigi) overworld colours.
Fixed out of date palette in ASM file.
Corrected README instructions for loading palettes.

With great thanks to MM102 for the Character Creation Kit which made the process of iterating on the graphics so much more pleasant.

Please let me know what you make with this, I would love to see it!
Tags: female needs remoderation player
Comments: 13 (jump to comments)
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Comments (13)

Azula16 Link
Precious! Love it. ♥
OrangeBronzeDaisy Link
Nice to see custom sprites of Daisy would love to use these for a sequel hack great job.
OrangeBronzeDaisy From older version: Daisy Link
Very rare to see any graphics of Daisy would love to use these for a future hack great job.
clockworkweeble Author From older version: Daisy Link
Okay I think I have a better understanding of how palettes work and what I've done wrong, but I might not be able to upload a fully fixed version quickly. For the time being, here's where I _think_ we are:

1. The shared palette file contains the correct colours for the player and the overworld. If you're happy with all default colours for everything apart from the player, you can just load this as a shared palette. However, any overworld areas you've applied custom palettes to will have the wrong colours.

2. The overworld palette contains the correct colours but as you've observed overwrites the terrain palette with the Yoshi's island palette. I think this file is really only useful if you are using custom overworld palettes and need to update them to include the player colours. My mistake was not realising that I need to create a palmask file to go with this - without it all the colours in your custom overworld palette are overwritten, making it useless. I'll add one to the next version. In the meantime, you can create one yourself by going to the overworld palette editor, turning on the "palette mask editing mode" (gold phanto icon), choosing "disable all colors for export" (grey phanto mask icon), clicking on the five overworld mario palette colours, which are a horizontal strip of 5 colours, on the 11th row down, spanning the 4th to 8th columns, and finally clicking "export current overworld submap palette to file" (teal starman icon). This saves both a .pal file and a .palmask file - discard the .pal file and rename the .palmask file to Overworld_palette.palmask and place it alongside Overworld_palette.pal. Phew!

3. The assembly patch contains the wrong colours, it's an old version. I'll update it in the next version. As I understand it, the point of having this file is to do what Lunar Magic can't - modify _only_ a subset of the _shared_ palette. Lunar Magic only offers tools to replace the _entire_ shared palette or replace subsets of _custom_ palettes. I didn't really understand this at the time. Here's what it should be:

Thanks for pointing this out! I think I have a better understanding now and hopefully can write a better README.
clockworkweeble Author From older version: Daisy Link
Hi Eluq! I'm not actually much of an expert on ROM hacking, and this is my first player sprite replacement, so I am largely basing the instructions on what came with the template and scripts from MM102_. If the asm patch gives fire Daisy white hair then it sounds like perhaps it didn't export correctly and I inadvertently included an old version. A development versio had white hair.

I'll try re-exporting to fix the inconsistency, and double-check how I applied them. Do you know of a good example of a player sprite that does things right? I'd like to improve this as much as I can.
Eluq From older version: Daisy Link
Great work! But the readme file is pretty confusing and doesn't quite explain what each file does. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, so bear with me here...

I applied the Daisy GFX to my rom (.smc extension with header added by LunarMagic) and then the shared palette to make her look like she should. No issues there, everything worked as intended. I made a backup copy of the rom with the GFX and shared palette applied so I didn't have to repeat this step.

The readme says that I have to go to the Overworld Editor (Castle icon), click on the Overworld Palette Editor (Blue Star), click on "Import all Shared Palettes from file" (Reddish Star with red arrow) and select the overworld palette file. I know from experience that this is a bad idea and indeed it screwed up all the player and level palettes making everything look dark blue.

So I opened my backup rom again and tried to apply the overworld palette to each submap one by one, clicking on the other option in the overworld palette editor (Greenish Star with a red arrow). Nothing got really messed up but now the overworld hills look grey instead of green, and the ground looks lighter, which I don't think was the intention.

The readme file says that you can "alternatively" use the .asm file with Asar to update the palettes. But does this mean it's an alternative to the overworld palette, the player palette or both? I applied the asm patch and nothing seemed to change visually.

I did another experiment. I took my original unmodified rom (with .smc extension and LunarMagic header), applied the GFX to replace Mario with Daisy, but didn't use the shared palette. Instead, I took the rom and applied the asm patch to it, which seemed to add the proper palettes Daisy was missing. So I figured the patch simply added the player palette. But I compared the hashes for both roms (one with Daisy GFX and shared palette vs one with Daisy GFX and the palette asm) and they didn't match. The roms seem to look identical while playing, but something must be different on the inside. Does this mean the .asm patch didn't simply add the palettes for Daisy, but also the overworld palettes? Is this why the hashes are different?

In short, I'm quite confused about what each file actually does. I tried both ways of adding the overworld palette and neither seemed to work as intended (red star option screwed up all the colors in the levels and adding the palette manually with the green star produced grey hills). And I'm not even sure what the overworld palette file is even supposed to change, because the overworld looks fine even without it. Daisy's OW sprite, Yoshi's color, everything looks fine. So what exactly does it modify?

I'd appreciate if you could explains some of this stuff. Not necessary how to apply the files, I know how to do that. What I'm confused about is what the .asm patch actually does and why the overworld palette change is necessary when nothing looks wrong without it. The asm seemingly changes nothing about the OW and the palette file only screws up the colors in different ways.

Thanks for the help!

Edit: Apparently the .asm patch gives Fire Daisy white hair while the regular shared palette gives her dark brown hair with a red dress. I'm even more confused now.
Black Goku From older version: Daisy Link
buggy789 From older version: Daisy Link
Sweet! Finally, some more good female player graphics
Black Goku From older version: Daisy Link
clockworkweeble Author From older version: Daisy Link
Sarasaland peacefully transitioned to a republic.
Pink Gold Peach From older version: Daisy Link
i guess daisy decided to give up as a princess
 mason From older version: Daisy Link
seems impractical to wear a crown when going out on an adventure. looks nice to me! #smrpg{<3}
Black Goku From older version: Daisy Link
Missing the crown.