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Yoshi's Stomp Blocks

SMW Blocks → Yoshi's Stomp Blocks

Submission Details

Name: Yoshi's Stomp Blocks
Author: RussianMan
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: A small set of blocks that can be activated by yoshi's stomp (ground pound):
-A simple breakable block
-A couple inverted ?-blocks

Also compatible with Ground Pound, Yoshi's Stomp Effect.

Credit is optional. Requested by Zuluna.
Tags: ground pound lorom question block sa-1 shatter yoshi
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Comments (5)

El Cuh Fermin Link
Does the ground poundable ? Blocks works that Mario hits?
SolveForX Link
This is PERFECT for a project I'm working on. Thank you!
 Major Flare Link
Tested with: GPS 1.4.21, SA-1 1.40, ZMZ 1.08 and Lunar Magic 3.30. Also tested with the mentioned UberASM code.

Zuluna Link
Very nice

Thank you for accepting my request !!
BlueToad Link
Awesome man! Recommended for nsmb inspired hacks!