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What The Shell!

Super Mario World Hacks → What The Shell!

Submission Details

Name: What The Shell!
Author: GrenudoGames
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 15 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This is my first Hack focused on Shell Jumps.
there are a lot of Shell tricks.
Not a begginer kaizo, Shell Knowledge required.

-I changed some settups to make movements more consistent in some levels.
- Fix some chess
- Now some pipes has a CP for a more friendly game.
- minor fixes on bg graphics.
- I added to the credits the people who played levels on version 1.1

this hack features:
-Mix between vanilla and chocolate levels
-15 Exits 100% for more experienced players
-12 Exits Any% without Castle
-a little bit trolls (just for fun)
-Custom Graphics
-Custom Music
-instant retry, frame rule, flightspinfix, offscreenindicator.

I hope you enjoy playing as I enjoyed creating it

Tags: asm kaizo kaizo light shelljump
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Comments (2)

PastaNoSauce Link
Just as GlitchCat mentions, the first 1/3 of any% keeps it really creative - worth playing if you like dedicated shell hacks. The second 1/3 of the hack doesn't have the same inventions, but uses tight kaizo problem solving (timing and speed control) that I enjoy from hacks like Titan Mario, only with shells. The last 1/3 my hands just hurt from all the max shell jumps (have to hold A or B the whole time).

Had to use claw grip for the motor skills spin/jump/spin/jump part. Some sections throughout levels could've used a couple of better indicators, or a bit more smooth setups. But hey the first part of the hack was so good I just wanted to keep playing - even if the ending was meh for me.
 GlitchCat7 Link
There were some cool and smooth shell setups toward the beginning of the game. I especially liked
dropping the green shell to kill the torpedo ted.
Nice aesthetic vibes overall.
The first section of the motor skills level in particular felt bland. The low-bounce jump switching obstacle was annoyingly tight for something that's been done a lot already.
The final boss was pretty cool.