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Midnight Lightning

Super Mario World Hacks → Midnight Lightning

Submission Details

Name: Midnight Lightning
Author: MassPunishment
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: 12 levels divided between 3 cape, shell, platform, and random levels. Each level from start to finish is on average 30-40 in game seconds, but there’s no checkpoints. This hack is a technique driven hack, and there’s no trolls.


>Fixed a misplaced tile
>Fixed a music issue
>Reworded text in the Practice Room to explain the tech
>Modified a setup in Clark Tower
>Fixed cheese at the end of Kunming
Tags: music
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
5.0 (3 ratings)
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Download 508.91 KiB | 446 downloads


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Comments (4)

 Pokemon Hacker Link
that overworld ASM blew my fucking mind
 quietmason Link
A very memorable experience.

This hack asks a lot of the player from a technical standpoint, but always in a fair way. The difficulty is matched by attention to detail and creativity. I'm normally not the biggest proponent of shell levels, as I find that they frequently rely on tropes, but I found the shell levels in this hack to be fresh and well-designed.

I love a good cape level, and there are three in this hack: if you don't know the wonders of yoshi fly, you're in for a treat here. Other than that, the miscellaneous levels are quite enjoyable, and tie together the other main themes quite well.

Overall, I highly recommend this hack, MassPunishment has created a thoughtful and unique hack here. 5/5
Vivian Darkbloom Link
Beyond just being A Good Hack made by a guy who absolutely knows his onions when it comes to hacking, Midnight Lightning has the single most impressive overworld I've ever seen in a SMW hack. Download it yourself to see what I mean!
 GlitchCat7 Link
Wow, this hack does not hold back on the difficulty! A good and fun challenge, would recommend for more advanced players.
There were a fair amount of spaces that were tighter than they could have been, a 2-tile gap instead of a 3-tile, for example. This isn't every player's cup of tea but in my opinion it's respectable if that's what the maker wants. This is just "one of those hacks with some extra-tight jumps, like it or lump it." In particular, the propeller block level was the most difficult for me. The mechanics were difficult to understand, but the movement space wasn't overly tight so that was nice. The motor skills level was refreshingly creative.