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Super Mario Challenge

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario Challenge

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario Challenge
Author: Awesomeman
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 34 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Original description:
The first hack designed by Awesomeman.
Despite it being rough around the edges, it has some very creative level design.
This is also a team hack as I helped make it also.
This is a fixed version, the last one had some glitches I missed before.

Fixes by NewPointless:
Corrected a softlock on the overworld
Tags: exgfx puzzle traditional variety
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
4.0 (1 rating)
No rating
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Comments (7)

 Amethyst Link
I moved the difficulty from Standard: Normal to Standard: Hard upon acceptance. Neat little romhack.
NewPointless Link
What do you mean fixme tags worse?
alternateSMW_ Link
That's really odd how fixme tags worse. I don't blame you.
NewPointless Link
For sure, the fixes I listed are doable, but I only fixed the issue noted in the fix-me note on the hack description.

Just to be clear, the levels have goal tapes instead of switches, but I think that switches were intended because switch blocks are placed throughout the game.
alternateSMW_ Link
Adding switches to the end of switch palaces seems like a rather easy fix to include.
NewPointless Link
I played this hack because I was looking to correct a hack with the fixme tag. Tested on bsnes v115.

This was a very fun playthrough. Some design elements were reused pretty heavily, but I think it's enjoyable on its own terms.

Known issues:
Most levels have saves on the overworld, but inexplicably some don't.
A critical event is missing, forcing players to beat part of the game that is intended to be optional.
Some levels can simply be walked past.
Forgot to add switches to the end of switch palaces.
Slowdown in some levels.
 Wakana From older version: Super Mario Challenge Link
This hack was a more or less one. It started great but it ended up being very repetitive and unfun.

Design-wise, pretty much what I said already: the first levels were enjoyable and pretty well designed. This hack was promising... until you get to the mid-end of the hack, where the author kept abusing the P-Switch gimmick, ending up being extremly repetitive. Some puzzle levels were easily breakable (sometimes I farmed 3-4 P-Switches where I wasn't supposed to), and most of them were poorly designed. The difficulty curve is weird: hard levels mixed with normal-like levels all over the hack. I'd say this hack is normal overall, since the author was generous with lives and powerups, although some sections are terribly frustrating. Overall, indeed... great at the beginning, very bad at the end.

Aesthetic-wise, it's interesting, I haven't seen maky hacks with this style. Although, cutoff and bad paletting is present here and there, but it's not a very bad thing. Most of the times, the aesthetics were pleasing, and I liked them. Good job to the author of the base rom.

Some issues:
- "Forest Siege" is almost unbeatable, since the P-Switch glitches with Sumo bros.'s flames.
- In the OW, the pipe before "Colourblind Corner" doesn't work. I feel like this hack needs a fixme just for this, since you can keep blocked in a part of the OW forever.
- "Thwomp Kingdom" doesn't trigger any event.
- Seems that the author sometimes used Yellow and Green switch palace blocks here and there; too bad there are no switch palaces....
- Some major slowdown occuring in some levels, as well as sprite tile limits issues.

Overall, a good hack which falls apart after you reach the middle of it.