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Magikoopa's Magic

SMW Sprites → Magikoopa's Magic

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 Major Flare Link
Tested with: Lunar Magic 3.30, ZMZ 1.08, SA-1 1.40 and PIXI 1.31.

Accepted, but I made a minor fix: you apparently forgot a JSL before the %FinishOAMWrite() macro, which lead to assembly errors.
 RussianMan Link
Restored missing SubOffscreen call and made use of the defines that were previously useless.
 RussianMan From older version: Magikoopa's Magic Link
It's SMW magic that magikoopa shoots.

What's changed:
Converted to PIXI with SA-1 support
Made it more user friendly, now you can change which sprites you want it to spawn, sound effect and sprite's status.

It doesn't have any speed by itself, you have to change ASM or change it with another sprite (Magikoopa for example)
Also, I wanted to make it spawn custom sprites with extra bit, but I was getting errors, so enjoy your live.