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Mario's Bizarre Adventure DLC

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Bizarre Adventure DLC

Submission Details

Name: Mario's Bizarre Adventure DLC
Author: StayAtHomeStegosaurus
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Kaizo
Description: During the making of Mario's Bizarre Adventure, I wanted to see how far I could push a combination of the rooms created and see what would happen.

I might have pushed it a little too far.

Welcome to Mario's Bizarre Adventure DLC, a 5 room Kaizo:Hard hack, inspired by my Kaizo:Light hack, inspired by Kaizo:Hard hacks, receiving great influence of Sokobansolver, GBreezeSunset, Team Dicks, and of course 100 Rooms of Enemies by Daizo Dee Von.

This hack was pushing my limits to the max, and I take responsibility for what is to come.

A big note: you can leave any room and save in the overworld. There are midways after each room completed.

P.S. Far probably would have complained again about not being in the description.
Tags: gimmick music room
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Comments (5)

LouisDoucet Link
I'm gonna be honest: I don't really see why this fell under Kaizo: Hard. While it's inspired by obstacles originally found in many popular Kaizo: Hard works from various authors, as is the main 100 room hack, this was clearly designed to be clearable from a real time perspective. It is definitely unbalanced in difficulty, with the fourth room being especially tough and unforgiving, but I found that it was still clearable without any tool assistance whatsoever, though it took a lot of time and effort.
As for arguments about the style: Despite utilising obstacles commonly seen in Kaizo: Hard, the design and structure of the rooms themselves is incredibly linear, clearly suggests the intended approach to the obstacles, and basically removes all puzzly and confusing elements seen in popular Kaizo: Hard hacks, instead providing the player with a clear string of obstacles, focussed purely on execution.

Neither intent, difficulty, nor style, at least in my eyes, points towards this hack actually being a Kaizo: Hard hack. So I ask, what exactly determines if a hack is Kaizo: Hard? If no one other than the author has come forward with a clear, does that count as reason enough? In that case, if a clear comes up later, does that rebut the moderation points that led to it being placed in Kaizo: Hard?
I really hope there is some sort of clear answer that the moderation team can come to a consensus on and make clear to the community, because it really isn't clear right now with the site itself even providing different definitions depending on where you look. I don't wish to start an argument with this comment, or for anyone to feel as though they are being attacked or blamed, but I do want to bring attention to this problem, and I hope that there can be a simple, clear answer to it in the near future.

I would recommend this hack to those who are truly serious about challenging themselves. Most players would probably want to make use of tools for the fourth room, as it is vastly higher in difficulty, though I am sure there are others who could clear it in real time as well. I truly enjoyed the experience, as the most challenging grind I have endured to date.
StayAtHomeStegosaurus Author Link
tool assisted...midways...but...
I am glad you enjoyed it at least!
DJLocks Link
Just tooled through it last night and it was really fun, albeit a little easy for kaizo:hard standards (should have deleted the midways #smw{:trollface:} ).
Daizo Dee Von Link
100 Rooms of DLC
Faro Link
You are probably correct #smrpg{:D}