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Mario Mario vs the Crab Army

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario Mario vs the Crab Army

Submission Details

Name: Mario Mario vs the Crab Army
Author: cozyduck
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Let me be honest with you here.
This hack is not for everyone.
Actually, I'm not sure this hack is for anyone.
But it's okay if you don't enjoy it.
There's no shame in playing something else if you're not having fun.
I mean it!
In any case, this hack is quite hard, and full of things that are typically frowned upon in kaizo design, such as RNG dependent sprites, requiring the player to react to obstacles rather than simply learning them. On the other hand, it's also too setup based and high precision to be considered non-kaizo. So in the end I don't really know what this hack is supposed to be, nor do I care. It's also nothing like my previous hack. The concept here was to explore unusual applications of somewhat underused custom sprites. At the very least, I hope it can provide an interesting experience to those who have high tolerance for weird bull****.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In an older released version of the hack I experienced a crash during the level 9 boss fight. Unfortunately, it seems to only occur infrequently, making it difficult to debug. I have a theory as to its cause, and accordingly made changes to the fight which may prevent the crash from happening (I was not able to reproduce it). However, I would strongly recommend exiting to the overworld and moving Mario to save the game in order to avoid the risk of losing the checkpoint before the boss. If you still encounter the crash, please let me know.
Tags: asm bosses gimmick
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
4.6 (5 ratings)
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Comments (7)

SirMystic Link
Agree with everything that GlitchCat said and pointed out, this hack was really frustrating and rewarding at times with the creative and unique level designs, but I feel like about 80% of the hack has a tedious design nature around it. Most sections and bosses had some aspect about them that got really annoying and old real quick, examples that immediately come to mind are the boss in the 2nd level and some sections from the fishing boo/saw level. Some areas had the difficultly artificially raised which resulted in less fun sections. Regardless, one of the most unique kaizo hacks that's ever been created, GG!
 Pokemon Hacker Link
This hack looks like the foundation for YUMP 3
FedoraFriday Link
This hack is really creative, lots of unique setups and crazy obstacles using some ASM I never would have thought would make sense in any kaizo level. This hack gets 10 krusty krabs out of 11 red lobsters.
 GlitchCat7 Link
Well, this was certainly an adventure. This hack takes risks in order to show something new and to have its own voice. It's made with a lot of self-awareness about that fact, as well as a lot of hard work in general. This was very challenging but usually for fair reasons. Sometimes, new situations kill the player before they have a chance to really learn anything about what they should do to survive. This didn't always feel great, but the obstacles usually paid off with cool tricks or surprises. Some parts can be sort of polarizing, but it's fun and highly creative overall. Worth a try if you want to take a risk yourself.
I absolutely loved the true final boss and the "that which can eternal die" level / credits. The arcade style SMB boss was also amazing. Wish I could say the same for the boss of "a burn for the worse". That one felt like it denied the player too much agency to actually fight the fight. There was an overwhelming amount of stuf to have to pay attention to and avoid in a few areas throughout the hack, but it is what it is. Gotta take the good with the bad.
cozyduck Author Link
Also, like last time, here's a clear video:

I realize there's plenty of things in this hack which can be hard to deal with, so feel free to check it out if you need some ideas for possible strategies.
Kezcade Link
A very interesting romhack full of cursed and creative ideas. This hack won't be for everybody, but this was something I really enjoyed. I wanted something different and I got exactly that. This hack isn't afraid to hurt feelings to achieve the goal it set out to do, but if you're willing to be patient there's some incredibly interesting gameplay in here.

 Heraga Link
Much like a Crab, I am clawing for more content like this. I would hope that this becomes a new standard for what Kaizo: Light hacks could (and should) be. Cozyduck's genius never ceases to amaze me, and I encourage everyone willing to play this wonderful little hack.