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Details for A Plumber For All Seasons
Super Mario World Hacks - A Plumber For All Seasons Link - Show random
File Name: A Plumber For All Seasons
Authors: WhiteYoshiEgg
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 41 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A Plumber For All Seasons is a hack I've worked on for a long time. Each world represents a different season — there's a Spring world, a Summer world, a Fall world, and a Winter world. (And some more!) Almost all the graphics are custom and hand-made.

A Plumber For All Seasons features:
  • 37 levels with 41 exits
  • almost entirely custom graphics, all of them hand-made
  • a focus on interesting, season-themed scenery and fun levels
  • an original soundtrack by some of SMWC's finest musicians
  • rewards and easter eggs for completionists

Changelog (see README for more details):
  • 2021-07-27: made star coins save individually as you collect them (you no longer have to get them all in a single run! thanks to lx5) and fixed some minor gameplay issues
  • 2021-07-05: fixed a star coin not spawning, as well as some minor visual oversights
Tags: asm, bosses, chocolate, exgfx, gimmick, hdma, music, no story, original graphics, original soundtrack, sa-1, scenery, traditional
Rating: 4.7 (Votes: 25)
Download: Download - 2.07 MiB
I did not just make an account right now just for this rom, but I did anyways. This fuckin rom is an absolute masterpiece, I loved the music, the level design was challenging for me but it was still fun to play otherwise, the new mechanics and some reskins looked great. This was the first rom hack I've played and I'm glad this one was my first. Great fucking job dude! #tb{^V^}
Posted by: FrickerMan23 - | Link
Posted by: GlitchyR-01 - | Link
thanks WhiteYoshiEgg
Posted by: Renegade763 - | Link
Originally posted by Renegade763
can anyone please tell me how to play the sound track music that it came with cause they are PKCS #7 formate not MP3's and i can't find a player to play them
Posted by: WhiteYoshiEgg - | Link
can anyone please tell me how to play the sound track music that it came with cause they are PKCS #7 formate not MP3's and i can't find a player to play them
Posted by: Renegade763 - | Link
actually one of the best mario world rom hacks ive ever played. great hack #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: TheDanielh05 - | Link
I've seen Barb playing this romhack and it looks amazing. I use a PSVITA to play romhacks and an ubuntu machine with "flips" to patch the bps file. BUT when i start this rom on the vita it just shows a black screen. is this due to my emulator not emulating a chip the SNES has or something?? do you know if it is possible to even play this hack on a vita or PSP??
Posted by: mhensley - | Link
Respectable by making all the GFXs and it's really pretty. That could have been a very fun hack, if it wasn't for the Star Coins that aren't saved with checkpoints making some levels not satisfying at all to complete and annoying sometimes ngl (hello underwater levels).
Musics are really well made, but seeing some of them over and over felt a bit disappointing.
If you wanna have fun with this, dont really bother with Star Coins.
Posted by: Aurel509 - | Link
This hack is absolutely brilliant. It makes 99% of hacks look like the creators didn't even try.
Posted by: Brownietown - | Link
By far the most beautiful hack I've ever played! The music is also great! #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: GMCHacker91 - | Link
Just beat this. The level design's slightly obnoxious at parts (particularly in the underwater levels), and it's annoying that the Star Coins don't save upon hitting a checkpoint, but the hack is a fun time overall. I pretty much had no issues with it aside from the aforementioned complaints. The graphics are incredible, (especially in the secret world), and a lot of the music is really catchy and memorable. Nice job!
Posted by: JupiHornet - | Link
This hack is so beautiful! Other than Mario being the same, this genuinely reminds me of platformers from the DS era
Posted by: becca - | Link
Originally posted by Mohamad20ZX
how to change outfits in the overworld

You gotta get 99 lives.
Posted by: KaidenThelens - | Link
Damn this hack is pretty
Posted by: DankClam - | Link
how to change outfits in the overworld
Posted by: Mohamad20ZX - | Link
Originally posted by hey_its_me_bub_bub
Has anyone been able to get this to work on a Super NT?

This hack uses the SA-1 expansion chip, if you are using a jailbroken Super NT, the only way to play this is to get a flash cartridge that supports the SA-1 expansion chip such as the FXPAK Pro.
Posted by: mmBeefStew - | Link
Has anyone been able to get this to work on a Super NT?
Posted by: hey_its_me_bub_bub - | Link
This was an incredible hack. I loved the idea behind it. The level design and custom graphics were really good too.

Otherwise, here's my issues with the hack:

Mario's graphics are unchanged. They kinda clash with everything else in the hack considering he's the only thing with unchanged graphics. This is kinda minor, so it's not a big deal

Some levels felt way too similar (mostly because of the same enemies, similar visuals and the same music). It's usually just the first 2 levels in a world

I didn't really like the water levels, not because they're water levels, but rather because some stuff was annoying (like the sea horses being pretty hard to avoid and the rotating blocks that can crush you)

Besides that, this hack was really good 5/5 stars
Posted by: Idunno - | Link
This hack is nice ALTHOUGH there is a major issue on real console, im not sure sure if it was meant to be played on real console or not.

The thing i can also say that i didnt like so far is that if you die ( after a flag checkpoint ) you loose all the coins you got before that . in my opinion it should save any coins you got before the checkpoint. kinda hard to play without save state in my opinion.

and the major issue is on the second boss, the fire plant throws a fire ball in the sky , and i guess its supoosed to come back down to burn/melt the floor so i can access the water pump thingy correct ?
the fireball does not come back on console, which mean i cannot continue the game further than that since i cannot beat the second boss :(

Im not sure if you are willing to fix this but it would be cool to be able to play the game and beat it on real console.

other than that, very nice graphic and music.
Posted by: tbpbird87 - | Link
All pipes in the game have priority for some reason.
Posted by: BlueToad - | Link
Everyone praises the visuals, and they're not wrong.

Everyone also praises the progression of difficulty, which is also noteworthy; but what I see everyone miss is how this hack's difficulty just feels so right.

I'm not entirely certain I've ever even played a "normal" difficulty hack, I'm a kaizo-type player but somehow despite this the hack feels as if it is not only giving me a somewhat fair challenge,
but still seems totally doable to someone who has never even played SMW. The actual level design here is nothing short of miraculous!

The use of every possible graphical trick in the toolbox is incorporated here, the graphics are stunning.

The orb in "Seahorse Valley" can kill the shit out of you if you fall onto the top of it lol

The spot where you get the P-Switch in "Graveyard of the Nameless" has an invisible solid for Mario block to prevent you from
duck-sliding into it and getting the switch without the shell, I think it would've been a nice touch to have something there to indicate this.

The very last section in the first half of "Arctic Circle" seemed significantly harder than the entire second half.

In "Where the Treetops Glisten" the sound of a chuck being hit (the BOW) and the collecting midway sound both can be distorted due to the music, I think it's during the vibrato, but maybe I'm wrong.

The sound effects are raised an octave or so in "Ghost of Christmas Present" because of the music, surely you knew about this, I just thought it was a little strange that it was left this way.

Maybe I got janked, I don't know, but the final snowball hit of the snowman boss was damn near impossible to land, I had to throw the snowball OVER his head for it to connect.

The final boss was the easiest for me, that seemed a bit odd, but maybe I'm just impatient or something lol

Absolutely still loved this hack though, quite possibly the best I've played. It made me consider actually trying "normal" hacks, but in all honesty this is probably the exception and not the rule lol.
Posted by: The_Uber_Camper - | Link
Anyone with any interest in SMW romhacks is lucky to have someone like WhiteYoshiEgg, who has put so much love, care, and attention to detail into a game we can readily and easily play for free. This is truly a masterpiece in visuals, gameplay, and soundtracks. It outplays even official releases from both independent and major video game production companies.

More than a standard romhack, this is a fantastic 2d video game. Clearly none of the 9 years of making this went to waste. 10/10 thank you so much for making this.
Posted by: slopcore - | Link

Posted by: edwinmusic - | Link
Just saw the credits (didn't 100% complete, but still plan to play more). I enjoyed it quite a bit and wanted to give my thoughts so far.

I've been waiting for this hack's release for quite some time! Congrats on release - it seems like it's taken a long time to get it out lol.

* The level visuals are really just stunning! I don't think I've seen another hack that's looked this good and so original at the same time. Amazing use of HDMA effects, layer 3, parallax, etc. This is the absolute gold standard for graphical fidelity in an SMW hack. I was wowed by the trailers and the real thing did not disappoint. Stellar job!!

However, one thing that bugged me and some friends of mine a bit is the fact that Mario's graphics just don't fit the aesthetic of the hack. He sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the beautiful, detailed scenery. I mentioned this to you in a YouTube comment a while back - I know you enjoy the familiarity of vanilla SMW Mario, but I really think if you were to ever update this hack, please consider making a new spritesheet and palette for him. It would just tie everything together.

Similarly, I think custom tinted Mario palettes for the underwater levels would have been a great touch as well. (Possibly, even a dynamic one for being submerged might have been nice too.)

* I love that you decided on a completely original OST for this. The tracks meld together well and carry a lot of atmosphere. There's some real groovers in there too! 4-6 was Super Metroid levels of ominous - really great job to whoever composed that one.

* I loved the gimmicks the levels had to offer. They do that really great Mario level design thing of progressively introducing a mechanic in a safe way and ramping things up from there. My favorite level might be 2-1: such a creative, super fun, really well-executed concept.

I think you might have been able to put the checkpoint a little further in 4-7. I found myself dying quite a bit from that level forward.

* The custom bosses were really just spectacular and had a surprising amount of attention to detail. I love that
the first boss uses shell colors to signify health. Could that have been implemented in some way for the bosses after World 2's? The final Bowser fight was super cool as well!! How are you drawing him??

* I thought it was a bit strange how lives were handled. Getting a game over really doesn't do anything - not even clearing level checkpoints. Given how much trouble I had towards the end, I'm kind of glad this was the case, but maybe something a little more cohesive could have been done instead.

* Something I didn't really figure out while playing: When exactly do your star coins get "saved"? I thought maybe that collecting some and getting a checkpoint would be enough to keep them when you died, but that didn't happen... most of the time. Sometimes it would work and I'd see them as translucent when retrying the level. How exactly does it work?

* I thought it was really cool how you can swim in lava during your i-frames. It's a refreshing break from Mario convention and gives you a nice second chance.

* Some bugs:
- I got downwarped in 4-3 in a pretty goofy way. SMW's collisions are probably to blame.
- Raccoon Mario has a blank sprite when turning while holding something. I noticed this in
The Season Finale
- not sure if it happens elsewhere.
- In one of the water levels (World 1 or 2 I think?), I grabbed the level-end ball with a lot of downward momentum and died in the pit below.

* A fun moment I had: At the beginning of 2-7, on a whim, I thought I'd try running and jumping into the wall in the hopes that I'd get the frame-perfect wall jump. On my very first try, I somehow did and made it over. I still died later on, but I was absolutely popping off when I did it - I'm convinced I will NEVER get that lucky playing SMW ever again lol.

Thank you for such a wonderful piece of work!! This is truly one of the best, most polished hacks we've seen from this community.
Posted by: TheGag96 - | Link
Posted by: BlueToad - | Link
Hooded Edge
Beat the game, and I have to say...

This has to be one of the best romhacks I have played with some of the best level design that progressively gets difficult the further you move on, an amazing OST, and of course, the one thing this game shoves into your face: THE VISUALS!!
Posted by: Hooded Edge - | Link
I was waiting for this for about of year.
Posted by: MarioriaM - | Link
I’m not as active as I used to be on here, so I don’t tend to post reviews on hacks. However, I’ll make an exception in this case. I am not exaggerating when I say that ‘A Plumber For All Seasons’ is one of the best hacks that I’ve seen in over 10 years on this website. It has everything: creative level design, excellent custom artwork, original ASM, and a specially-designed soundtrack that fits each perfectly. If you are new to SMW hacking, then this would be a great first hack to play. I highly recommend it to all.

Score: 5/5
Posted by: G.n.k. - | Link
Marcozzo Daro
I've been looking for news about this hack since the first time I saw it, 3 years ago, so I'm really excited to try it out. Congrats for finally finishing it!
Posted by: Marcozzo Daro - | Link
Finally it's here, congrats on the release! it's been pretty fun so far, and the music's really good! Thanks for including the soundtrack. 8>
Posted by: Bumpty - | Link
This hack has been A Thing on my radar since it started, and I'm really excited to play!
Posted by: Darkbloom - | Link
Finally, I've been waiting for this hack for a while. I'm sure It'll be fun.
Posted by: MegaSonic1999 - | Link
100%'d it. A masterpiece, easily one of the best hacks (if not the best) that I've played. I love the atmosphere and design of levels, and the original soundtrack is the cherry on top - Damp Dugout and Seasonal Swimming are my favorite songs.

I don't know if I was the only to run into this issue, but it happens in 3-6:
In All Hallows' Eve, I couldn't get the star coin blocked by the fiery pumpkins before pressing the switch, upon return from the switch room that star coin was gone without me having collected it, and I had to replay the level and collect the star coins in a different order to prevent it from happening again. As far as I remember, that was my second to last star coin to collect when it happened.

Overall, this hack is incredible, very fun to play with huge attention to detail. I had a wonderful experience with this, and if you haven't played it yet, do so when you can.

There's an oversight with the summer Mario jumping frame when he has the super leaf.

Posted by: Mirann - | Link
Posted by: BrownBuddy - | Link
The attention to detail that can be seen in this hack is beyond human comprehension. The visuals are stunning, the level design has a good amount of variety, the difficulty is quite accessible (just about slightly harder than vanilla SMW), SA-1 is used in very clever ways, and there's also a lot of secrets that are worth hunting.

I'm very impressed that you kept going with finishing up this hack after 9 years, it definitely shows that A LOT of work was put into it. In the end, it was worth it, this hack was an absolute pleasure to play.
Posted by: Ezel - | Link
This is incredible work, great job!
Posted by: Wes - | Link
I've 100%ed it except for that lil 99 lives thing that was teased in one of the info boxes near the start that I want to go back and grind lives for, however this is the first standard hack I've ever tried and my god this hack was a fucking masterpiece. Might be the most fun I've ever had playing a hack, the aesthetics, the music and the harder levels are such a blast. Fun and interesting custom bosses. Phenomenal hack man, well worth the time and effort you have put into it and it shows.
Posted by: TDWarrior - | Link
I´m two worlds in and this is already one of, if not the best Rom Hack I have ever played. Looking through your thread it was already obvious, how much attention to detail you put into this in terms of aesthetics. But luckily the level design, too, is just outstanding. Every single stage is fun to play and some of the elements I have never seen before. And that goes for pure level design without even using the custom sprites, which is quite impressive. Really, it´s hard to believe, how much passion can go into one single project.
Everybody should try this one out, and even for the best players there will be some challenges.
Posted by: Neidave - | Link
Thank you!

I'll do my best! I have to go all the way!#w{=D}
Posted by: SMW S.N.N - | Link
What an EPIC hack!! Aesthetics are just .... WOW!!! :O
Thank you soo much to making this!!! Truly masterpiece #w{<3}
Posted by: BabaYegha - | Link
Aaaaand we're on it!
Posted by: Klug - | Link
very beautiful aesthetics, was a fun playthrough 5/5
Posted by: BoozeWash - | Link
Posted by: dogemaster - | Link
Posted by: Dustyized - | Link
Posted by: Knucklesfan - | Link
Posted by: Enan63 - | Link
Posted by: le4che - | Link
Posted by: placeholdertest - | Link

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