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Full Bloom

Super Mario World Hacks → Full Bloom

Submission Details

Name: Full Bloom
Author: Chondontore
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Welcome to the land of Las Flores where the flowers are always in full bloom. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

Full Bloom is a vanilla level design hack. The levels increase in difficulty over time. There are two main paths that lead to switches. Will you press both of the switches, or just one? Only one is required. This hack is intended to be on the easier side of kaizo light, but it does feature a few more advanced tricks.

Full Bloom is dedicated to Chondontore's lovely wife, Mrs. Chon. This is also Chondontore's first full Romhack release.

*Version 1.1 Updates*
- Rope glitch in Skywalk is no longer possible.
- Adjusted a set-up in Patient Bones for increased clarity on what the player must do.
- Adjusted an obstacle in Feathery Peaks to avoid cheese. Made up-pipe to midway easier.
Tags: first hack kaizo multiple paths
Comments: 22 (jump to comments)
5.0 (12 ratings)
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Comments (22)

ExtraCheese53 Link
A really fun play through. I didn't really care for the 1st level but thought everything was amazing after that. Favorite level is the
cape level
, it had interesting set ups that didn't take too long to figure out. Great level design throughout the hack, thanks for making.
TheTaze Link
Really fun intermediate hack with some interesting challenges - thank you for making!
Muuuche Link
I liked almost every level. It's a level design meant to be out of balance, always spinning on moving enemies. Being a beginner in kaizo, I found each of the levels quite difficult. Difficulty is relatively constant except for the cape level, maybe it's me who doesn't know how to fly, but I found the level awfully accurate, the majority of the levels took me around 30mins to complete, but the cape level took me 1h30...

If you create a sequel, I will definitely play it.
cfpsZoltar Link
good stuff. Really enjoyed this one.
Hiroki Link
Hey chon i really like the way you desing the whole hack, i found cheese in one level (the one that you have to feed yoshis) and the cape level wasnt so bad as i read in the comments.. yes it could be improve by adding the falling patch for the cape, and the spin part 1 tile more to get the p speed easier but i found it super cool! great work dude 5/5
ShadowBoxer_Sandshrew Link
Definitely on the more challenging side of beginner kaizo, this was just fantastic platforming from start to finish. The CP in Feathery Peaks could have been closer or at least after the tough first section, not having a blind spin fly section before CP cause a bunch of deaths to learn that section after challenging first part. That's my only constructive critique. 5/5 great game.
will___ Link
This was a really fun beginner hack! It's a step up from something like quickie 2 in terms of difficulty, but it's much easier than akogare.

The hack maintains a pretty consistent flow and pace throughout. You're mostly bouncing on enemies, and if you land on a platform, you're probably jumping off immediately and switching your jump type. I don't mind that lack of variety in a short hack like this though.

The one part I wasn't crazy about was the first half of the cape level, but it still probably only took me like half an hour to get through it (as a relatively new player).
Neuromancer Link
Fun hack!
shaka21 Link
Kimota Link
As others have said, quite fun. Setups are clever and pretty forgiving. I do like how you constantly had the player find ways to get out of regular jump and change to spin jump and vice versa, even if maybe it's a bit overused by the end of the hack. The aesthetics, although perfectly serviceable, would benefit from more beautification, especially if the hack is supposed to take place in "Las Flores, where the flowers are always in full bloom." '

The other thing I didn't care for was the way the hack ends suddenly with no boss or lore, leading to the same credits that were already available at the beginning. Beating a hack should leave the player with a sense of accomplishment. Personally, when I finished Full Bloom, I didn't feel like I beat *a game*, only that I beat some fun levels.

With that said, this was still an impressive first effort. I'd certainly recommend your hack to beginners and people like me who enjoy breaks from the more soul-destroying kaizos.

PS: I enjoyed the way you guided the player to the secret exit without making it totally trivial. Wish more hacks would do stuff like this, as searching aimlessly for secret exits is very not fun.
ZX497 Link
Very fun hack, the level design has a decent amount of variety and some really cool setups. A little bit too much spinning / jumping on enemies instead of just platforming, but that's kind of a nitpick.

Loved the optional switch idea, well executed.
BunBunAshly Link
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i adored this hack!! extremely fun every step of the way, and the perfect difficulty for where i'm at right now, pushed me constantly but wasn't too much. one of my favorite hacks for sure, thanks for making <333
Gabriel_Master Link
Great Hack with good difficulty.

Highly recommend this hack.
I would like to see Full Bloom 2#smw{:peace:}
troyfullbuster Link
Awesome time really fun and challenging!
 GlitchCat7 Link
This is a very chill hack with a good sense of fun and adventure. Almost wished it would've been a little longer, but was a nice ride throughout.
Gabriel_Master From older version: Full Bloom Link
Great Hack with good difficulty.

Highly recommend this hack.
I would like to see Full Bloom 2#smw{:peace:}
katun24 From older version: Full Bloom Link
Awesome hack. It's beginner-friendly but at the same time there are some really creative vanilla gimmicks + unique implementations. That's a rare combination. If you ever decide to make an update, please consider patching out rope glitch - you can fully skip the rope level with it from the first rope.
NaxciS From older version: Full Bloom Link
Even though it is a vanilla hack, it is still very good, the gameplay is great!
But in some parts would necessarily be the indication of coins, I died a lot because of it, but otherwise, and very good.
OctaviusPepper From older version: Full Bloom Link
I really liked how this hack prioritized fun over sheer difficulty. Had a blast playing through it in one sitting. Very good platforming action, super readable, and overall just a good time. Looking forward to more from this creator.
frenxter From older version: Full Bloom Link
Great Hack with good difficulty. Have enjoyed the fair checkpoints and the great level design.

My only point of criticism is in the cape level. The part until the first checkpoint was a little bit long for me.
But nothing more, great work and greetings to the mrs!

Highly recommend this hack.
I would like to see Full Bloom 2.
MorrieTheMagpie From older version: Full Bloom Link
Had a really good time with this hack. Fun platforming with some tougher obstacles sprinkled throughout. Really unique final level which I enjoyed.
RetroGamingSweden From older version: Full Bloom Link
I enjoyed this hack. Not too painfully hard for a newbie like myself but yet challenging.

I enjoyed every level just as much as the rest.
(The cape level was pure gold tho)

Give the Mrs my best!