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Ninji Story V1.1 + Mario mode

Super Mario World Hacks → Ninji Story V1.1 + Mario mode

Submission Details

Name: Ninji Story V1.1 + Mario mode
Author: Lush_50
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 27 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Welcome to Ninji Story
A Ninji Kaizo hack!

V1.1 is HERE!
Palettes corrected for Ninji, parts of the hack are made easier and more accessible!
Don't want to play as Ninji? I got you covered, there's a Mario mode patch that plays exactly the same and you get to be your fav plumber!
(See all new photos!)


This is a tear down, build up hack that is aiming to be simple and much easier than Sweet N' Sour.
Beginner Kaizo meets Standard hard.
Some small sections are relatively simple, whilst others may wield a challenge.
Same BG's, new music, new palettes, new levels (a few levels only have small changes from SNS, some are entirely new)
I set myself a task of repurposing our old hack and giving it new life within a short span of time, this is what happened!

Enjoy the trails of the Ninji in Ninji Story made by Lush_50.

16 exits any%
27 exits for 100%
* Most levels have a "Comic/Skit" where Ninji dies in style, these are my secret rooms! inspired by Bsolt and Barbarian

- There are only a handful of shell related tricks (as apposed to Sweet N' Sour)
- Difficulty is around quickie world 2 merged with standard medium difficulty, odd mix, but it works!
- 5 worlds including special world.
- Variety of ASM used ( This is great for beginners to learn a few chocolate aspects of kaizo )
- Bite sized levels! Most of the levels are extremely generous and not long.
- A new creepy boo awaits the chosen warrior on a quest to save this land once more.
- Thoughtful trolls, there are only 4 kaizo block "sections" in the entire game.
If you want a bigger challenge, see "Sweet N' Sour" By Bsolt and I or "Kibeth takes a walk" by Bsolt.

- The disco ball does flash random sprites in one of the palaces, it was either that or a corrupt p switch msg box, I opted for the first.

Stay posted for our future hacks! (Bsolt and I plan to work together again soon!)

All the best!

- Lush "Lushious" Fifty.
Tags: beginners exgfx kaizo mario music ninji
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
4.7 (3 ratings)
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Comments (15)

larabee3 Link
Fun hack! Some of the gimmicks towards the end were frustrating to learn but satisfying once figured out.
TheHandsomeMan Link
This game actually made me laugh out loud (: I liked it from the very beginning, and it just kept getting better. Even my favorite song plays in the credits. I'll be sure to check out Sweet N' Sour next.
Claims Department
was very different in Sweet N' Sour. Very different indeed. My hands. You make great levels, though.
MeatBro Link
PErfect for beginer that like platforming with very few kaizo tech
h4shcat Link
Yagami Link
good hack lush i played mario mod that was a fun little hack.
keep up the good work :)
BunBunAshly From older version: Ninji Story Link
love it lots and lots. couple of difficulty spikes (for me), but nothing unbearable. thanks for making <3
inkydom From older version: Ninji Story Link
Really enjoyed this hack, particularly appreciated it due to playing after sweet n sour. I think this could be a really great hack for a beginner.

Idunno From older version: Ninji Story Link
As someone who's never played kaizo before, I'm surprised I could make it past one level, let alone finish the game. I can't really say anything about the level design as I'm not familiar with kaizo levels.
My one complaint about the hack is the visuals. The palettes look weird/bad and the player sprite is just the 2 pre-existing sprites from SMB2 All-Stars (there isn't even a running animation). The rest is fine.
Apocas From older version: Ninji Story Link
The first Hack I ever played. It was great and fun. As a beginner I recommend it as a starting point on SMW Kaizo Hacks.
bsolt From older version: Ninji Story Link
I played this without knowing much about Lush's redesigns and reimagining of our levels and was not involved in the dev or testing. Lush knows I am up front with my feedback on kaizo design and especially upfront with him on his work.


This is a reimagining that is just plain fun. It's fairly easy (has maybe 1 or 2 'more' challenging tricks') and the design is top notch, provides good flow, and overall a rewarding play experience. The trolls and secrets are funny and adds to the experience. Kudos Lush and I look forward to collaborating in the future again.
 YouFailMe From older version: Ninji Story Link
A fun, relaxing hack. I will definitely be recommending this to new kaizo players. Great work and can't wait to see what you do next #smw{:TUP:}
Jead From older version: Ninji Story Link
this was a real nice and comfy and cute experience :)
Danilo_Sick From older version: Ninji Story Link
very nice game... I had a lot of fun! thank you
TokZone From older version: Ninji Story Link
good game #tb{:]}
SethOsDotEXE From older version: Ninji Story Link
A pretty fun and easy adaptation of Sweet n' Sour.
The levels keep the theme of their SnS level, but significantly reduce the difficulty while adding a few new ideas.
Most of the levels are different enough to still be fun after playing SnS.

I would recommend this hack to beginners.
Good work Lush.