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    Kirby Super Star

    BRR Samples → Kirby Super Star

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    Submission Details

    Name: Kirby Super Star
    Author: Milon Luxy
    Collection: Compilation
    Description: This is a QUITE BIG compilation which contains all of the instruments, percussions, and SFX used in KSS.

    Tags: acoustic snare applause arr1 bass lead bassdrum bassoon blown bottle brass section clarinet conga crash cymbal electric hi-hat electric noise electric snare explosion fantasia pad flute glockenspiel harp noise oboe open triangle orchestra hit overdriven guitar pan flute power snare pulse wave punch rock organ rumbling sararr1 sawtooth wave scream sfx shakuhachi shamisen soundtrack fx square wave stomp string ensemble synth bass synth voice timpani tom triangle wave trumpet vibra slap vibraphone voice
    Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
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    Comments (4)

    Pinci Link
    extremely based
    Milon Luxy Author Link
    Okay so, I added a whole HTML file describing all of the samples. Whew, writing all of this information was really something, hope it gets very useful to know what each sample is.
    Milon Luxy Author Link
    Originally posted by Anas
    Err, what is 'SarArr1'? Looking it up yielded no useful results for me.

    It's the synth voice one heard in many of Kirby games. Their name comes from its original patch name, from a sampler from the 80s called Fairlight CMI. It's either named "ARR1", or "SARARR1".
    I chose naming it "SarArr1", because this name seems more complete, but it's either of those ones.
    Now, why is it named like this on the original sampler, I have no idea.
    Anas Link
    Err, what is 'SarArr1'? Looking it up yielded no useful results for me.