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Nightmare cafe VII

Super Mario World Hacks → Nightmare cafe VII

Submission Details

Name: Nightmare cafe VII
Author: Lush_50
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 0 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: V1.3 final patch edition.
Rooms have been made not as tight and easier, semi softlocks are also sorted.

Welcome to nightmares VII
Is that a floating muncher!? another wild dream, you appear upon the shores of OG island.
70+ rooms of challenges.

This hack is set in a distant land called OG island, uses og backgrounds, there are some custom things however.
Saves after each room, midways can be saved at the house of saves.
Not all rooms are kaizo, but some definitely feel as though they are.
Any skill level can join in and play!
Takes roughly half an hour if you're a super pro player!

Be sure to check out my streams and tell me how you went! search lush_50 on twitch.

*This hack does include some not ethical og design choices, it's not meant to be seen as a low effort project, it pays respects to the
foundations of the game style (Kaizo) we all know and love.

- Lush_50.
Tags: asm music
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4.7 (3 ratings)
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Comments (4)

Hacks Are Unfair Link
5/5. #tb{:]} #w{<3} #ab{:)}
kaitri Link
i like those 1 room hacks, sadly we dont have many of them.
you can beat this one in 15min, id say no room is really hard they are all very common kaizo stuff. imo some rooms are really easy.

overall this gets 4* from me for being what it promises. a collection of 1 screen kaizo rooms. i will play the other parts of this hack and most likely copy paste this comment (unless i have to adjust it)
pixlrik Link
A fun collection of one screen puzzle rooms, difficulty varies to keep you on your toes. All in all a very fun hack. #smw{:TUP:}
troyfullbuster Link
Another awesome time thanks for the hack! My playthrough: