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Nightmare cafe IV

Super Mario World Hacks → Nightmare cafe IV

Submission Details

Name: Nightmare cafe IV
Author: Lush_50
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 0 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: This is the final release v1.3 patch.

Semi softlocks fixed, some palettes changed, a couple room designs switched for easier access.

Welcome back the fourth of the series in which we call...

The nightmare cafe.

50+ rooms with varying difficulty, some kaizo tricks and more!
These types of hacks are based around helping beginners learn odd moves and tricks, it's also a hack that professionals can use to warm up.

There are a few jokes in there aswell for the lush 50 charm.

All the best! report any major bugs in the comments if you wish to do so, it is highly appreciated.

What are you waiting for? dine with Lushious at the nightmare cafe... table for one.


-This hack was made in 3 days.
-Not all rooms are "kaizo"
-Cheese is highly praised, it means you think outside the square.

Tags: kaizo kaizo light
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Comments (4)

kaitri Link
i like those 1 room hacks, sadly we dont have many of them.
id say no room is really hard they are all very common kaizo stuff. imo some rooms are really easy.

overall this gets 4* from me for being what it promises. a collection of 1 screen kaizo rooms. i will play the other parts of this hack and most likely copy paste this comment (unless i have to adjust it)

playing them in reverse order for no reason (from 10 to 1) and im a bit confused on the "story". since this one ends with zombie-luigi and "to be continued..." but he is never mentioned again in the other parts.
pixlrik Link
A fun collection of one screen puzzle rooms, difficulty varies to keep you on your toes. All in all a very fun hack. #smw{:TUP:}
BallisticAristocrat From older version: Nightmare cafe IV Link
I seriously hope you DO make 50 of these, they are my favorite thing.
Desert From older version: Nightmare cafe IV Link
Srsly lush i feel like you’re gunna make 50 of these #tb{XD}