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SNES Color Tool

Tools → SNES Color Tool

Submission Details

Name: SNES Color Tool
Author: dtothefourth
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: General, SNES
Games: General, SMW
Source Available: Yes
Featured: No
Website: Link
Description: SNES Color Tool is a program to make it easier to work with colors in LM or code in various formats.

It features easy import / export from Lunar Magic, working directly with the built in copy and paste features in LM's palette editor.

Colors can be entered and edited in RGB, HSL, decimal, hex, and SNES Color formats allowing easy conversion or input from things like web colors in #FFFFFF format.

You can quickly apply color transformations to an entire palette row like adjusting hue, saturation, brightness or inversion. This makes it easy to take say the palettes for a background and quickly shift them to a different color theme.

The tool also supports importing and exporting directly to a table of color values making it easy to create and edit blocks of color data for use in ASM or exanimation frames.
Tags: colors editor graphics
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
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Comments (4)

23457 Link
When I use this to find a palette I want to use on SNESPal, and I copy the SNES color code over, it doesn't show up as the exact same color on SNESPal. the rgb values are slightly off. i dont understand why this is because when i load up a palette already present its values are the exact same between this and snespal.
Nitrocell Inc. Link
God damn useful.
slogra Link
Love it. There should be such a tool for all different systems.
I'm using it right now and i'm wondering why Hex #fcfcfc gives the same Snes code as #ffffff though.
 Major Flare Link
Testes within Windows 10.

A rather compact, simple and efficient tool for color manipulation. It is well done, what with the ASM conversions and the interaction with Lunar Magic. Accepted.