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On/Off States for Any Line-Guide

SMW Patches → On/Off States for Any Line-Guide

Submission Details

Name: On/Off States for Any Line-Guide
Authors: elusive, imamelia, worldpeace
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: Yes
Featured: No
Description: This patch makes it possible to have on/off states for any line-guide. The default settings will allow you to have on/off states for every line-guide, i.e. each line active in the on state, or active in the off state. It also includes the fixes from Line Guide Acts-Like Fix. See the readme for more details.
Tags: line-guided lorom sa-1
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
Download 885.09 KiB | 212 downloads


Comments (6)

 MarioFanGamer Link
Moderated with:
  • Lunar Magic v3.31
  • SA-1 Pack v1.40
  • Asar v1.81
  • BSNES v115
Added the original authors of Line Guide Acts-Like Fix since ultimately, this patch is based of the other patch.

Definitively a nice patch considering it both adds custom blocks to line-guides.

There are some minor unoptimisations, though: Instead of checking for OnTable first and then check for OnTable or OffTable depending on the switch state, you could have checked for both tables immedietly at first.
It also would have been nice if you had added a DSC file. Sure, the behaviour is obvious compared to, say, FuSoYa's screen scrolling pipes (which also are inserted manually and don't rely on any block tool), but it still would have been nice if there were some descriptions for them.
OnlySpaghettiCode Link
Only having the 2 vanilla diagonal ON/OFF line guides felt pretty limiting to me, so this is amazing! Thanks for submitting this.
BlueToad Link
Once this has been accepted this definitely needs to get featured.
qantuum Link
Klug Link
Glad to see that you've finally submitted your C3 entry to this site. I bet if people really wanted to use this for future hack projects!
HammerBrother Link
Even more better than just having the reversed version of SMW's diagonal line guides where a left-facing-slope (goes up from left-to-right) is only active when ON and a right-facing slope (goes down from left-to-right) is only active when OFF.