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Super Mario World Hacks → Polyphony

Submission Details

Name: Polyphony
Author: TomatoPhalanges
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard, Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Welcome to the Polyphonic Isles, a land once peaceful, now occupied by remnants of Bowser's formidable army as he clears through the land.

Venture deep into the Polyphonic Isles and clear the twin thrones in this hybrid standard/kaizo light hack, designed to give newcomers to kaizo a place to begin (in the primary route) while also providing greater challenges and mysteries to uncover for the more seasoned veteran looking to explore!

Deliberate effort was put into making this hack fun, varied and engaging for speedrunners, with 5 different run categories on SRC and an abundance of intentional (and some unintentional) speed and safe strategies to provide depth.

-Fast Retry
-A fully custom soundtrack, including a handful of original ports!
-A primary, mostly-standard path and an divergent, true kaizo path as you venture to the North.
-25 hidden portrait rooms (see if you can find them all!)
-22 Moons - One in every level! Some are a challenge to gather, while others hint at deeper secrets...

-Ironed out some jank design elements introduced in 1.1 (Despawning green-beans and weird RNG-like timings)
-Fixed palette issue with overworld indicators
-Added a couple visual cues for Moons
-A couple other minor tweaks for odd difficulty things
-Game saved at Vanilla Credits now (still does not count as an exit)

-Various minor and major tweaks across a large number of levels, with both nerfs and buffs in appropriate places to smooth the curve of the later hack... sliiiightly.
-A NEW, SPECIAL LEVEL, accessible through special means...
-Updates to indication on the overworld for moon tracking.
-Improved ASM for walljumping in Folivora Cliffs, with less 'eaten' inputs. Special thanks to dtothefourth for her help!
-Full rework to the third section of The Tower.
-Global timer for the shooters in Purple Pinnacle now resets on deaths, making it significantly more consistent. Thanks MarkAlarm for that tweak!
-Hidden leaderboard rooms, showing the best times in each Speedrun category in 1.0. Try to find them all!

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and interest in Polyphony 1.0, and hope newcomers and returning players alike enjoy the changes and new content! Love you all <3
Tags: beginner kaizo hybrid intermediate music
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
4.6 (5 ratings)
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Comments (15)

robbobert Link
I made an account just to say I appreciate the work you put in on this hack. The Standard style levels at the start had me a bit confused, but I liked how you started building in progressively more kaizo elements over the course of the hack until throwing the player in the deep end on the last level. Good intro material for the kaizo-curious.

The kaizo route was some of the most fun I've had in kaizo levels since I played through Quickie World 2. The levels were readable and flowed well, the music was banger after banger, and you didn't make it frustrating by making everything super tight. You still had to actually *do* the tricks, but you could almost always maneuver without taking a muncher to the face. The last kaizo level kind of gave up on that philosophy, and as a result it was more frustrating than fun for me, but overall, still really solid.

Still flailing my way through Artemis, but I just wanted to take a second to say thanks for all your work putting this hack together.

(One minor note: I experienced despawning green beans in the last section of The Tower -- the 2nd and 3rd ones at the end of the vertical section with the cape. Dying fixed it, but as you can imagine, I was super confused.)
ZX497 Link
I was kind of frustrated with this hack.

There's so many blind jumps and slow moving parts (either autoscrollers or oddly "empty" sections) that it kind of sapped the joy out for me. Almost everything lacked any kind of "flow", which to be sure is typical for a non-kaizo hack, but at the same time the kaizo elements sprinkled throughout the levels definitely didn't vibe well with it. All this put together just made the level design seem unfinished, or at the very least unpolished.

The pure Kaizo stuff at the "secret" route is pretty interesting, though, and was mostly worth the struggle.
GenMaruo Link
This was a very fun combination of standard hacks and kaizo, it's very noticeable that it was done with a lot of work and love, great work :D
 GlitchCat7 Link
Built with a lot of care and consideration. Great easy/intermediate difficulty with an upward curve and a lot of exploration and speedrun routing potential. IMO, especially good if you're looking for something between KAIZO and standard hacks.
gorpo_c Link
This hack is great. I can tell a lot of work went into it. Finished the standard path and making my way though the kaizo stuff.
TomatoPhalanges Author Link
Originally posted by Wolfguy423
this is kaizo lite? Played a couple levels and they felt like standard fair to me. Not what i was expecting, but still decently fun.
It is, and thank you! The primary route through the game is more Standard-esque but incorperating kaizo elements, while the alternate/side route is much more kaizo-heavy.
Wolfguy423 Link
this is kaizo lite? Played a couple levels and they felt like standard fair to me. Not what i was expecting, but still decently fun.
TomatoPhalanges Author From older version: Polyphony Link
Originally posted by peaduh
Re-entering the level Old Garrison after completing it, there's no way to exit the level besides Start Select, which means after grabbing the checkpoint you can no longer return to the beginning of the stage. Am I missing something?
Are you trying to find the secrets? Unfortunately the only way to get off the checkpoint there currently is to reset console/emulator- checkpoints are not retained
peaduh From older version: Polyphony Link
Re-entering the level Old Garrison after completing it, there's no way to exit the level besides Start Select, which means after grabbing the checkpoint you can no longer return to the beginning of the stage. Am I missing something?
GiraffeKiller From older version: Polyphony Link
Love this. Extremely fun to play.
Retr0_Dave From older version: Polyphony Link
Amazing hack from start to finish! I feel that the 1.1 update did a great job in tweaking difficulty higher and lower in the proper spots to better balance the hack as a whole. I’m honored to have my name in five of the trophy rooms, and I look forward to competing for the 1.1 leaderboard!
Not_Vinicius1 From older version: Polyphony Link
wishy washy river has cheeses monkas
louisluiz From older version: Polyphony Link
A true kaizo for beginners, loved it
SethOsDotEXE From older version: Polyphony Link
A very fun standard/kaizo hybrid hack.
The standard portion of this hack is fairly easy while still having some more challenging platforming sections.
The kaizo route is very fun it starts off not being too difficulty but really picks up towards the end.

Overall a very fun hack with great aesthetics and music choices.
Great job Tomato.
AllexGG From older version: Polyphony Link
A great kaizo, very relaxing, I thought it was a great idea to have an easier part, more vanilla, and a kaizo part, very innovative in my opinion, congratulations to the creators for hack this incredible !!#smrpg{y}