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No Title, No Intro, No Problems

SMW Patches → No Title, No Intro, No Problems

Submission Details

Name: No Title, No Intro, No Problems
Author: Kevin
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch will make the game skip the Nintendo Presents screen, the Title screen and the Intro screen, meaning that you start on the Overworld as soon as booting up the game. This can be useful for contest levels/overworlds, where usually those screens are not meaningful.
You can also pair it with the No Overworld UberASM to have the game start on the level of your choice right away.
Do note that the game will always start from a new save file, so saving the game will be pointless.
Make sure to check out the readme for instructions and info.
Tags: lorom sa-1
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
Download 2.17 KiB | 428 downloads


Comments (7)

TheOrangeToad Link
For some reason when i use the No Title, No Intro, No Problems patch and i died from running out of time in a level it puts me back in the overworld map but it fades to black and the game freezes.
This does not happen when i died not from the time limit.
MarsAmpere Link
weird exception for this patch: getting a game over without a save will reset to the title screen level with no menu, trapping you there until a proper reset.
SJandCharlieTheCat Link
I'm sure this might have an easy answer; but for anyone trying to combine this with the No OW Uber, it looks like the alternative method of using gamemode instead of modifying global_code.asm (as described in the No OW ReadMe) doesn't appear to be compatible with this.

(I'm guessing it's also incompatible with your Uber retry?)
 Stivi Link
perfect for owdc #tb{:]}
 Burning Loaf Link
Moderated with:
- Lunar magic 3.30
- Asar 1.81
- SA-1 Pack v1.40
- Snes9x 1.60
- Mesen-S v0.4.0
- bsnes v115
- AddmusicK 1.0.8
BlueToad Link
Interesting patch and I can't wait to use it! The only bummer is the inability to save. #smrpg{sad}
Klug Link
This is a complete game-changer. YuyukoDrool