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End Level with Dragon Coins

UberASM Repository → End Level with Dragon Coins

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Comments (3)

 Maarfy Link
Works as intended, approved. Take note of two things:

1.) The goal sequence triggered is "goal-sphere type" - touching the final dragon coin immediately sends the player into a rightward victory march if in a horizontal level, and freezes the action if in a vertical level.

2.) If the final dragon coin is collected in a (sub)level that does not have this code active, and the player then warps to a (sub)level that does, the victory march will activate immediately upon entry.

Neither of these are bugs or to the detriment of usability.

Tested with Asar 1.81, Lunar Magic 3.31, SA-1 1.40, Snes9x 1.59.2, UberASM Tool 1.4.
 PermaBan Author Link
Originally posted by AppleBoy54321
Seems to not work.

I forgot to put the : on the labels so it should work now if you redownload.
AppleBoy54321 Link
Seems to not work. Here's the code output.
Processing binary file 'yoshi_coin_end.asm':
  yoshi_coin_end.asm:7: error: (E5060): Label 'return' wasn't found. [BNE return]
  yoshi_coin_end.asm:11: error: (E5060): Label 'return' wasn't found. [BCC return]
  yoshi_coin_end.asm:13: error: (E5117): Unknown command. [endlevel]
  yoshi_coin_end.asm:21: error: (E5117): Unknown command. [return]