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Details for A Plumber For All Seasons
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File Name: A Plumber For All Seasons
Version History: View
Authors: WhiteYoshiEgg
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 41 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: A Plumber For All Seasons is a hack I've worked on for a long time. Each world represents a different season — there's a Spring world, a Summer world, a Fall world, and a Winter world. (And some more!) Almost all the graphics are custom and hand-made.

A Plumber For All Seasons features:
  • 37 levels with 41 exits
  • almost entirely custom graphics, all of them hand-made
  • a focus on interesting, season-themed scenery and fun levels
  • an original soundtrack by some of SMWC's finest musicians
  • rewards and easter eggs for completionists

Changelog (see README for more details):
  • 2021-09-02: made it easier to enter destroyed castles, added a warning about old emulators incorrectly displaying color gradients, as well as some other minor fixes and tweaks
  • 2021-07-27: made star coins save individually as you collect them (you no longer have to get them all in a single run! thanks to lx5) and fixed some minor gameplay issues
  • 2021-07-05: fixed a star coin not spawning, as well as some minor visual oversights
Tags: asm, bosses, chocolate, exgfx, gimmick, hdma, music, no story, original graphics, original soundtrack, sa-1, scenery, traditional
Rating: 4.8 (Votes: 32)
Download: Download - 2.07 MiB
love all your work but this is the best of all!
Posted by: Iginla403 - | Link
Reposting my original review from 2021-07-05, because it seems to have been deleted:

Just saw the credits (didn't 100% complete, but still plan to play more). I enjoyed it quite a bit and wanted to give my thoughts so far.

I've been waiting for this hack's release for quite some time! Congrats on release - it seems like it's taken a long time to get it out lol.

* The level visuals are really just stunning! I don't think I've seen another hack that's looked this good and so original at the same time. Amazing use of HDMA effects, layer 3, parallax, etc. This is the absolute gold standard for graphical fidelity in an SMW hack. I was wowed by the trailers and the real thing did not disappoint. Stellar job!!

However, one thing that bugged me and some friends of mine a bit is the fact that Mario's graphics just don't fit the aesthetic of the hack. He sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the beautiful, detailed scenery. I mentioned this to you in a YouTube comment a while back - I know you enjoy the familiarity of vanilla SMW Mario, but I really think if you were to ever update this hack, please consider making a new spritesheet and palette for him. It would just tie everything together.

Similarly, I think custom tinted Mario palettes for the underwater levels would have been a great touch as well. (Possibly, even a dynamic one for being submerged might have been nice too.)

* I love that you decided on a completely original OST for this. The tracks meld together well and carry a lot of atmosphere. There's some real groovers in there too! 4-6 was Super Metroid levels of ominous - really great job to whoever composed that one.

* I loved the gimmicks the levels had to offer. They do that really great Mario level design thing of progressively introducing a mechanic in a safe way and ramping things up from there. My favorite level might be 2-1: such a creative, super fun, really well-executed concept.

I think you might have been able to put the checkpoint a little further in 4-7. I found myself dying quite a bit from that level forward.

* The custom bosses were really just spectacular and had a surprising amount of attention to detail. I love that
the first boss uses shell colors to signify health. Could that have been implemented in some way for the bosses after World 2's? The final Bowser fight was super cool as well!! How are you drawing him??

* I thought it was a bit strange how lives were handled. Getting a game over really doesn't do anything - not even clearing level checkpoints. Given how much trouble I had towards the end, I'm kind of glad this was the case, but maybe something a little more cohesive could have been done instead.

* Something I didn't really figure out while playing: When exactly do your star coins get "saved"? I thought maybe that collecting some and getting a checkpoint would be enough to keep them when you died, but that didn't happen... most of the time. Sometimes it would work and I'd see them as translucent when retrying the level. How exactly does it work?

* I thought it was really cool how you can swim in lava during your i-frames. It's a refreshing break from Mario convention and gives you a nice second chance.

* Some bugs (MAY BE OUTDATED NOW):
- I got downwarped in 4-3 in a pretty goofy way. SMW's collisions are probably to blame.
- Raccoon Mario has a blank sprite when turning while holding something. I noticed this in
The Season Finale

- not sure if it happens elsewhere.
- In one of the water levels (World 1 or 2 I think?), I grabbed the level-end ball with a lot of downward momentum and died in the pit below.

* A fun moment I had: At the beginning of 2-7, on a whim, I thought I'd try running and jumping into the wall in the hopes that I'd get the frame-perfect wall jump. On my very first try, I somehow did and made it over. I still died later on, but I was absolutely popping off when I did it - I'm convinced I will NEVER get that lucky playing SMW ever again lol.

Thank you for such a wonderful piece of work!! This is truly one of the best, most polished hacks we've seen from this community.
Posted by: TheGag96 - | Link
Played your hack on my channel. Was quite fun! <3
Posted by: Ddog282 - | Link
Very good work#smw{:TUP:}. I love the soundtrack and the level design is very good. 5/5 #lm{owexstar}
Posted by: NINTENLUIGI - | Link
Excellent hack. Great level design, graphics, and music. There is very high attention to detail throughout and the development time really shows.

Individual saving of star coins is a welcome update and makes the 100% playthrough much more enjoyable.

My only nitpicks are that the water levels were harder than the other levels, and the final level and its boss were easier than the winter world and its boss.
Posted by:  BeeKaay - | Link
My man your great work has been a awesome Ride#smw{:peace:}
Posted by: Mohamad20ZX - | Link

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