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Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 3 Master Thwomps Avenge

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 3 Master Thwomps Avenge

Submission Details

Name: Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 3 Master Thwomps Avenge
Author: Enan63
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 42 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: After 8 months of hard work developing my hack. I am finally finished working on Mario In Mushroom Rix Land 3!!!
Anyways, plot: After Mario successfully destroy Bowser and his gimmicky island. Mario decided to ask his crew which are all toad members along with Luigi, Yoshi and Peach. To rebuild Rix Land! They rebuild W1: Grassland, W2: Sandy Desert, W3: Blizzard Ice, W4: Industrial City, W5: Mountain Canyon. And they also added a brand new world to Rix Land called, W6: Sky Atmosphere! And finally W7: Abstract Space! However! Master Thwomp when he heard the news that his friend Bowser has been defeated by Mario. Master Thwomp got really mad at this. So, he took over Rix Land to get his avenge on Bowser! Mario must stop Master Thwomp!!!
Tags: asm chocolate exgfx gimmick hdma music sa-1 traditional
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Comments (3)

GMCHacker91 Link
Enjoyed! Difficult but fair. Plenty of power ups! #smw{:TUP:}
Mohamad20ZX Link
wow man just way sweet
Ezel Link
I managed to finish this hack and wow, it was quite an adventure. It started out pretty mediocre, but progressively it's gotten better and better, and it was nice to see the hack creator get better at level design over time. It's pretty rough around the edges, mostly in the first half, but overall I think it was a pretty good hack, but beware, this hack doesn't hold you hand and there's a handful of levels that are very tough.

Here's a few notable things I wanted to point out that would be worth fixing/improving in an 1.1 or the next hacks:

1. The difficulty curve is probably the largest thing that might put off a lot of players. This hack starts out pretty reasonable but challenging, then the difficulty spikes really hard in world 2, especially world 3 with some levels in there. After that, there's only a handful of rough levels in world 4 and 5, and then the rest hack is not nearly as tough.

This makes the difficulty feel very all over the place, which may frustrate some players. I personally enjoyed most of this hack, although I admit that destroying the ice walls got very annoying in the ice world. That world in general just felt very unforgiving and mistakes often ended up with death, making some of the levels basically feel like a tough kaizo stage. There's a lot of levels that had sudden difficulty spikes, if you are interested I could send you some examples in a private message or anywhere, as it'd make the comment way too long and painful to read.

2. There's been some instances of enemies despawning which is strange because the hack uses SA-1. Not sure whether it might be wrong sprite memory (I believe you need to have it set to 10 in Lunar Magic) or if it was an emulator issue.

3. I highly recommend adding the Double Hit Patch to the hack. I've died or got hit multiple times because I bounced off of two enemies at once with a spin jump, which is a bug in the vanilla game. This patch is small and I don't think it should break anything, and it'd improve a few levels that require you to spin jump off of enemies.

4. There's been a few instances of foreground being a bit hard to distinguish from background. I'd recommend trying to make background tiles either a bit darker or have more washed out colors to make them not blend in as much with actual ground. If you're curious, I can send you a few screenshots of levels I had a little bit of trouble with.

5. This one's minor, but backtracking to the starter house can be tedious if you get low on lives late in the game. It'd be nice to have some fast travel warps in later worlds, but it's not a big deal, just a small inconvenience.

Anyway, overall I think the hack was pretty fun and very challenging. There were occasional annoyances here and there, but I appreciate the effort put into it. At first I didn't feel too hyped about it, because the first 2 worlds felt a bit same-y in terms of level design, but they've gotten better as they went on and the hack has become much more enjoyable to play. Good job!