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Titan Mario

Super Mario World Hacks → Titan Mario

Submission Details

Name: Titan Mario
Author: orka-bln
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Welcome to Titan Mario!

This hack is pretty challenging in the beginning,
and gets very difficult in the late game.

12 exits of platforming, few item tricks

No custom asm except:
- QOL patches/death block
- retry system
- custom music

Fixed/changed in 1.1:
- cheese in last exit
- minor mistakes
- optimized some setups

Good luck and have fun!
Tags: music platforming vanilla
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
5.0 (7 ratings)
No rating
Download 777.86 KiB | 1,887 downloads


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Comments (11)

zer0mavrick Link
Great hack. The disco shells definitely gave me PTSD, though. 10/10.
GrayLuigi Link
Out of the ~20 kaizo light hacks I've completed so far, this stands out as my favorite. I feel like it gets overlooked because it doesn't have flashy graphics, fresh memes or any game altering ASM, but what it does have is absolute god tier obstacle design, and that's what matters the most. There are tons and tons of fresh and creative vanilla setups in this game.

Make sure you're good enough to beat something like GPW2 and/or UKW2 first though, because this is a full step up in difficulty from those. But put this on your must-play list, it's fantastic.
slopcore Link
 quietmason From older version: Titan Mario Link
I've been wanting to play this since release, somehow it got away from me until now. This is a fantastic hack. Incredibly creative and difficult setups, with potent and diverse level concepts throughout. It's worth noting that this hack has some quite lengthy sections, so you certainly get a chance to appreciate each level :)

I highly recommend this hack to anyone looking to challenge themselves, it's a true delight to play, and I've no doubt I'll be playing it again soon. 5/5
slopcore From older version: Titan Mario Link
Fantastic hack. Very fun and rewarding throughout, and full of extremely clever setups
Sparkysie From older version: Titan Mario Link
This hack was a joy to play, and is a fabulous example of what you can do with vanilla SMW. Recommended for mid to advanced players. 10/10 - play this romhack.
SteamyPanini From older version: Titan Mario Link
Nice hack Orka! Very hard and very satisfying to clear. #smw{:peace:} This is up there as one of the best hacks Ive played for sure. 5/5
PastaNoSauce From older version: Titan Mario Link
Fantastic hack. I've been cutting my teeth on the tougher intermediate hacks like Swunsh World 2, Riff World 2, etc - and wanted to keep pushing the bar. Orka's Comfort Zone is one of my favorites, and the short length of this seemed manageable.

The first half is clear with what to do, but with very open levels and tight platforming, how you do it becomes the challenge. Difficult but fun.

The second half gets tougher with having to figure out what to do as well. With tight trick followed by tight trick, the runback to a part that you don't get at all can be tough. But the movement is so original that it's not tiring.

No shame in watching a clear vid in order to understand a part, and avoid regression/turning into spaghetti from having to repeat the same section over and over. But bonus points if you don't #smw{:peace:}

and c'mon one of the exits is free if you play the romhackrace levels :)
Zavok From older version: Titan Mario Link
Yagami From older version: Titan Mario Link
its pretty challenging ? nah its eeeeez

i hope #w{:>}
Wyatt From older version: Titan Mario Link
Orka knows his way around obstacle design. There are probably a hundred setups in this game that feel truly unique and surprising. With each section you'll be learning about SMW, pushing the limits of its movement, doing maneuvers you've never done before. This is all presented in fast-paced, flow-heavy sections.

Recommended to anyone who likes a challenge. Word of caution - Orka isn't messing around when he says this is hard. Difficulty is comparable to the Grand Poo World series.