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Super Mario World Hacks → Colors

Submission Details

Name: Colors
Author: simplyawful
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: A strange force has shattered your world, plunging it into chaos. So apparently, you have to do challenging jumps to save your home.

Custom Music
Mostly Vanilla with a hint of chocolate
2 Boss fights

Version 1.1 updates/fixes:
Adjusted tightness/blindness that caused unintended difficulty
Bonus stars have been patched out
Several "trolls" have been removed

I would like to clarify, this update was not made because I felt pressured or bullied in anyway. This is a more accurate representation of my vision. I would like to express from the bottom of my heart love and thanks for the positive messages I received from the people who played the original version. All that being said, if you would like to play the original version just message me.

A HUGE thanks to Jikurein, Xamexer, Djief, Brakkie, and the SMWC community for the endless amount of help.

Tags: bosses custom music platforming
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
4.8 (10 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (11)

shaoshao Link
Amazing hack! Super creative setups and inspiring vanilla-esque level design
 DonWafle Link

I liked this hack from beginning to end, though as nails, but it was a thorne on my hand for the last 2 years trying to beat it, and finally did, easy one of my favorite kaizo hacks ever made.
DefybyDefault Link
Finished this up tonight. I've been playing only old vanilla kaizo romhacks from 2017 and earlier lately and this really scratched that old school feel with also having a lot of modern touches. I absolutely loved it.
Kimota Link
The strongest aspect is the aesthetics. Every level looks great and the color theming makes for nice visual variety. As for the gameplay, tbh, I didn't like it. I'm glad most people dug it, but a lot felt pointlessly tight to me. The levels also did not have the creativity in obstacles I'm looking for in a difficult hack (although apparently this is "entry-intermediate" to some!).
41681 Link
this is my new favorite hack on this site. phenomenal job. loved every second of it. excited to see what you do next.
orka-bln Link
Third hardest hack on smwc :O
ItzSlGalaxy Link
you cant tell this is not
GrenudoGames Link
really tigh but super funny, enjoyed so much all levels.
KaidenThelens Link
can't wait for the ultimate version.
Jikurein Link
This hack is even more of a masterpiece after updating to 1.1. I think as a tester I got used to things too much but the removal of some of the tight setups makes things flow way better than before. This HAS to be a contender for best first hack ever.
PastaNoSauce Link
V1.0 gang here :) this hack is a banger. The difficulty hovers around entry-intermediate for a large part, with some of the later levels becoming more traditional intermediate. The focus is solid platforming, with Riff 2 (lite) vibes.

The overwhelming majority of v1.0 is gold, with only a few messy spots (mostly spawn and unclear-setup related) - that stood out simply because the hack as a whole is so well polished.

Did anybody else
drop-kick shell jump
in the 2nd section of The Bilrost, rather than suffer that disco shell bounce #smw{:trollface:}